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How does solar pool heating work?

Posted Nov 9, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Solar pool heating is the practice of heating up the water in a pool with the help of some solar water collectors that transform cold pool water into hot water.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 9, 2014 -- Solar pool heating is considered by increasingly more people who have pools and do not want to rely on regular electricity to heat pool water. For this, they install solar panels and water collectors and benefit from warm or even hot water anytime they want.

The process of transforming the cold water in the pool into warm or hot water is very simple. First of all, solar panels are installed in locations that receive a lot of sunlight. These panels are equipped with a solar water pump that "collects" a certain amount of pool water, draw it into the collectors and heat it.

Once the water reaches a certain temperature, it is transferred back into the pool, providing thus pool owners with hot water anytime they want, regardless of the season. Solar pool heating is a practice that can be considered not only in the summertime, but on any day when the sky is clear.

Solar pool heaters do not require an extensive maintenance, yet it is recommended their owners protect them during wintertime, either by uninstalling them or by covering them with protective sheets. Some heaters have the possibility to store the energy accumulated from the sun, but others work only when the sun is up in the sky.

Pool owners who want to enjoy swimming in the spring or fall have two possibilities to heat up the water in the pool; they can use electric water heaters or heaters that run on gas, or they can move a step in the right direction, which is to use solar pool heaters.

Besides having a long lifetime and being easy to maintain, these heaters also protect the environment and help pool owners reduce their energy bills. After a few high electricity or gas bills, any pool owner would think twice before going to swim in their pool.

In this case, the possibility of heating pool water with the help of some solar heaters seems like the best, and soon, the only way to heat up the water in a pool. For maximum efficiency, solar panels need to be installed on the roof or in locations that receive plenty of sun. Pool heating based on solar power works very well in warm climates.

To make sure your solar heating system is in good shape, regular verifications are necessary. Usually, pumps are replaced every several years, depending on their usage and weather conditions. Every verification or component replacement needs to be undertaken by a professional, not by pool owners themselves.
How about enjoying warm pool water in the spring or fall? If you do not like to swim at low temperatures, solar pool heating is the best option for you. With some high-quality solar pool heaters , you can benefit from the same pool water temperature in the spring or autumn as in the summertime. And this, at a much lower cost than the one offered by gas burning or electricity. For professional and resistant solar heating devices, contact us today.
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