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How can you give up safewow fifa 15 coins sale and new goalkeepers and emotion system

Posted Feb 15, 2015 by fifapal
How can you give up safewow fifa 15 coins sale and new goalkeepers and emotion system

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 15, 2015 -- FIFA 15 offers a glimpse into the future with new goalkeepers and emotion system, but at the moment it is only a tease. Regardless of that, this is still a complete and enjoyable experience of virtual footy. A crop of changes pack the pitch densely with surprises. FIFA 15 has implemented a “Living Pitch” into the game, creating a more realistic field than past iterations. As the match goes on and players slide and quickly change direction, the marks left on the grass don’t fade away as they do in games past. If you lay down a mark, it stays for the full 90 minutes. On a rainy day, if a chunk of grass flies up from a slide tackle, the debris remains. The groundbreaking flourish adds an element of realism that truly couldn't have been done on past generations.

This year, the big change has been the goalkeeping mechanics: they react to deflected shots and the animations make it a lot more realistic. However, in the game they are ridiculously bad. Everything from positioning, saving and reactions are just way off what they should be. It can only be summed up by saying ‘they save shots that they shouldn’t and don’t save shots that they should’. The graphics are always excellent on FIFA, they improve every year and as expected this year they are the best they have ever been. The stadiums are incredible and can even give you a feeling as if you’re actually there. The player emotions are really emphasised.

The players on the field are sharper than ever before. Say, for instance, you are dribbling with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and you get hit with a hard slide from Barcelona defenseman Gerard Pique. At first there might not be much of a reaction after the whistle, but a repeated offense by Pique later in the game may trigger a confrontation where Ronaldo gets up from the ground and gets in Pique face, who fouled him hard twice. Players retaining memory of game events is nothing short of revolutionary. This intelligence is not limited to the players involved. If Pique fouls Ronaldo for the second time, other players on Real Madrid will also react negatively to the endangerment of their best player. The game claims to have over 600 unique emotional reactions that are applicable to any situation you may encounter on the playing field, and while I can't vouch for that number, I saw enough unique animations that the claim seems to hold true.
A few physical and goalie glitches aside, the biggest concern for the game are the animations. Not while the ball is in play, as those look smooth and polished, but rather the rest of the time. The new player interactions that relate to the Emotional system are awkwardly woven into the match, as you watch one altercation snap into another with little concern for fluidity. Players awkwardly stand around, or begin to sprint on the spot, or start their emotional animation without much integration. It looks quite stiff most of the time and a bit of a disappointment considering the quality of the rest of the presentation elements. One fairly major issue on PS4 specifically is overscan, as the game stretches beyond your TV’s edges. It’s fixed by scaling back your PS4 system display setting, but hopefully EA Sports addresses this problem soon.

I’m sure if I spent the number of hours that some ‘dedicated’ players do, I would eventually manage to figure it out; however this gives rise to another question: why bother? Why play a game on a TV when you could go outside and play the exact same thing, but instead using actual skills, not just the ability to press buttons? As hard it may be for many males to understand, there must be some part of my brain that just doesn’t connect this game with thrill and excitement. With the ‘all new’ FIFA 15 having recently been released, there seems to be little sign of this troubling phenomenon abating, as even though many already own one or more versions, the game is still flying off the shelves. For now, it seems I’ll have to once again prepare to lose some of my friends to the baffling world that FIFA manages to create.
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