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Horse Walkers aldershotequestrian

Posted Mar 20, 2014 by johnybfre
If you have horses, you must understand that owning at least one Horse Walker is a necessity.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 20, 2014 -- If you have horses, you must understand that owning at least one Horse Walker is a necessity. It is very important for the horses to exercise and such a product is the perfect place. Moreover, the horse can cool down after a ride there. Aldershot Equestrian Horse Technology can provide you with different types of Horse Walkers so why don’t you enter their website and take a look at the available models?

At this company you can also find two models of Field Pens, namely the traditional fully meshed flat panel fences and the American open panel fence. These types can be assembled for lunging and the company also supplies the outer fences for those clients who want to use a curved fence. On the website, you can find the sketches of the field pens if you would like to see more details. The Lunge Pens have the standard sizes of 35ft, 41ft or 51ft.

You can also buy equine treadmills as they offer three types of treadmills. You can read the specifications on the website. The installation of such a treadmill can be done by anybody and it is a good opportunity to provide a training facility in-house all over the year. As the treadmill is set at a fixed angle, if the horse walks for 20 minutes, it will be equal with 90 minutes on the road. It is the perfect equipment for exercising sport horses and maintaining their good tonus.

If you want your horses to be happy, you must create a routine for them, which includes exercising, and you must keep them in a stress free environment. A Horse Walker is excellent when it comes to providing effective ways of exercising while you solve other tasks. From this company you can purchase the standard and classic or the premium Horse Walkers for your stable. The decision all yours as you will choose what is best for your horses.

On the website of the company you can read about the difference between these three models of Horse Walkers. The structure of such a Horse Walker is very simple and any mechanic can service and even replace any components, if necessary. The products use a well developed hydraulic or mechanical drive. You could also buy additional equipment, such as recycled rubber fence mats, rubber walkway mats, 7ft high outer fences, doughnut canopy roofs, electric paddle pushers, and hydraulic braking.

If you are serious about the horses, than such a Horse Walker is a must. It is a fundamental piece of equipment and it can help your horse with the daily exercise by strengthening his musculature and help him increase the speed. Make a good investment and you will definitely be pleased with the results, which will not delay to appear. On the website you can even take a look at the photo album and see some photos with these types of products.

Would you like to buy a Horse Walker ? Check out Aldershot Horse Walkers from Aldershot Equestrian! Choose the one that you like best, as they come in different sizes and models!
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Last Updated : Mar 20, 2014

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