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HJ published a new article on her blog about lose weight

Posted Oct 13, 2014 by kylecadmon
HJ has published a new article on her blog about her biggest weight loss mistakes and about the foods to avoid when losing weight.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 13, 2014 -- HJ has published a new article on her blog about her biggest weight loss mistakes and about the foods to avoid when losing weight.

One of the reasons as to why most people, women for that matter have difficulties losing weight is because they make mistakes while at it. Having made such mistakes herself in the desperation to lose weight, Heather now shares the mistakes she made to help other women stay clear from them to lose weight fast and healthy. She also goes further in giving a list of foods that should be avoided by all women trying to lose weight. The foods only make it harder for the expected weight results to be achieved hence the importance of keeping off the foods.

Mistake 1 was Not knowing about hormones; it was a mistake, since hormones play a vital role in weight loss. By learning to fix the hormone Leptin, everything drastically changes in losing weight. This is the hormone that controls the ability of the body to burn fats, making it very important in losing the desired weight.

Mistake 2 was Not cleaning out the liver. The colon and the liver are some of the most important organs when it comes to weight loss since they are unable to metabolize the fats when flushing out toxins when they are not lean. Without cleaning them out, individuals end up accumulating weight as Heather did. Cleaning out the liver takes only drinking lemon water every day to keep its functions high, drinking water that has vitamin C and eating raw veggies.

Mistake 3 WAS Eating foods that have calories, this makes it possible for the calories to be transformed into fats making it impossible to lose weight. Under this mistake, HJ gives the list of foods that should be avoided when losing weight. They include trans-fats, processed meats, white flour foods and sugary beverages

Mistake 4 WAS Eating too many fruits, In as much as fruits are considered healthy and very helpful in losing weight. They contain fructose which can easily and readily be transformed into fat within the liver that glucose. Eating too much of the fruits therefore leads to more storage of fat. However, bananas and grapes are perfect as they are high in fiber and low in glycemic but they should be eaten in moderation.

Mistake 5 WAS Not taking dietary supplements; the body requires lots of nutrients, omega 3 and vitamins when trying to lose weight fast. Without the right dietary supplements, it can be hard for the requirements to be met fully. Natural dietary supplements should therefore be incorporated into the weight loss programs.

Mistake 6 was not drinking enough water; every physiological process within the body requires water. It is water that transports nutrients, builds tissues and regulates temperatures. Without enough water, the body has difficulties functioning as it should and this reduces weight loss efforts. Water is also very important in suppressing hunger and in the metabolizing of stored fat, which are both helpful and important in losing weight.

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