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HJ has just launched her derma roller treatment video

Posted Sep 24, 2014 by suleman
HJ has just launched her derma roller treatment video in which she explains how effective this acne scar treatment really is.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 24, 2014 -- HJ has just launched her derma roller treatment video in which she explains how effective this acne scar treatment really is.

HJ has bought herself a dermaroller from Amazon. She found it on sale and with this coupon code US123 she received another $2 off, making this offer the cheapest dermaroller from Amazon. She bought it using this link and she also received a few great ebooks for free.

After she received the dermaroller, she started to make a few videos in which she details how good this derma roller was for her face.

Besides cellulite, acne scars are the next most dreaded by women. This is especially the case for the scars that are on the face, which women want to beautifully maintain. It can be hard to feel beautiful and attractive when the face is full of acne scars. In as much as it is a good thing to get effective acne treatment, many women don’t rest until they have completely eliminated the acne scars that are left. Without the right techniques and remedies, however, it can be hard to get rid of the acne scars.

Heather Jameson, famed for her tips on getting rid of cellulite offers an easy trick to get rid of the acne scars. In her video, she concentrates on using a Derma roller to eliminate the scars effectively over a period of time. This is a device that is made on hundreds of 1.00mm needles which create wounds on the skin to trigger the natural healing process. The device basically works by tricking the skin into starting the healing process, thus new skin cells are produced to aid healing. In essence, the upper layer of the skin dies and is eliminated, leaving the new cells that are free from the acne scars.

The derma roller increases the production of collagen and promotes elasticity. This means that apart from getting rid of the acne scars, the device also easily gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles as well as any other dark spots. This is a process that comes with plenty of benefits to the skin. Women will look younger and more beautiful after the success of using the roller. HJ gives the steps of using the roller as follows

The first step was to use coffee ground wrap on the face to exfoliate the skin. This gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the derma roller.

The next step was to use the derma roller gently all over the face. Stinging is experienced as the wounds are created, but it is something that can be handled. It should be done twice or thrice every week for results to be enjoyed in 2 months.

After rolling the roller, the nest step is to wash the face and apply hyaluronic acid serum and Vitamin C and A serum.

The derma roller should then be sterilized in alcohol to keep it ready for the next session.

Other tips that HJ offers to get rid of acne scars fast include drinking at least 3 liters of water daily, eating lots of veggies and fruits and eating the right protein.

For those who want to know more on getting rid of acne scars, they can watch Heather’s video here

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