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Hiring a dedicated team for software development

Posted Mar 6, 2015 by sarahcoolen
Developing in house software can prove to be a difficult task for companies that do not require a team of software developers in order to provide their services.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 6, 2015 -- Developing in house software can prove to be a difficult task for companies that do not require a team of software developers in order to provide their services. However, instead of hiring new company employees to which we’ll have to pay monthly wages as well as social packages we can hire a dedicated team to work onsite or offsite directly under us. By hiring outsourcing services for a big data company we don’t have to worry about the transparency of the process or intellectual property rights limitations.
Whenever it comes to IT and software development most companies have to rely on outsourcing services in order to create software that will meet their needs and expectations. While, as a company owner, we could chose to create a department within our firm and hire trained professionals that will work for us and develop such projects the odds are that the investment isn’t exactly profitable. However, the advantages of having our own dedicated team that will follow our lead and check with us at every turn in the development of the project are certainly worth considering. Offshore outsourcing services provided for a big data company can be very reliable, and they will certainly help cut costs sometimes by more than a twenty five percent. However, during the software development we will have limited interactions with the team working on the project and the transparency of the whole process will be quite limited.
Money and even time wise, creating a new department in the firm and hiring software developers that will work directly under us isn’t exactly sparing. We will have to consider not only the monthly salary, but also the social package that we will have to provide them with. Furthermore, any training that we will need our employees to undergo will have to be sponsored by our firm. The main issue that we will have with any large scale enterprise software development will be that the initial planning and design of the program will be modified and maybe even completely rethought during the implementation of the project. This might mean that we’ll need to either retrain some of our employees so that they’re able to implement new features, or that we’ll require outside help. A big data company will benefit more from hiring the services of a company that will provide it with a dedicated team tailored for the project at hand, a team that can continually and actively be changed.
Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean offshore, and this should come as good news for any big data company that cares about privacy as well as total project control. The fact that we can have a dedicated team working onsite under our supervision means that we will have no issues with transparency, and that the team will always actively engage in providing us with the best possible advice when it comes to implementing solutions for certain problems. This model of outsourcing will not only prove very reliable, as we will be provided with a team tailored to our project needs, but also less stressful and time consuming.
Are you looking to hire a dedicated team ( ) of professionals for your software development projects? Whether you have a small firm or a big data company ( ) you will find that the services professional outsourcing companies provide are always reliable.
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Last Updated : Mar 6, 2015

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