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Happy to enjoy safewow fast wow gold for Nerdlords of Draenor coming

Posted Oct 29, 2014 by fifapal
Happy to enjoy safewow fast wow gold for Nerdlords of Draenor coming

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 29, 2014 -- Self-proclaimed videogame nerds Jesse Cox and Wowcrendor have gathered a selection of their friends to storm the frontlines of Draenor in an extension in their popular Cox n’ Crendor podcast and animated short series. You'll be able to catch their display of skill, comic agility, and utter madness in new episodes each week prior to the November 13 launch of Warlords of Draenor.

Nerdlords of Draenor finds Cox and Crendor jumping onto the beta realms and exploring various aspects of the revolutionary expansion which has a different guest each episode. The duo is likewise releasing animated shorts capturing among the best moments from their escapades—by incorporating artistic liberties taken.
Today, Blizzard launched a new patch to fix and change the addressed issues in 6.0.2, and all those fixes and changes will be introduced to world of warcraft patch 6.0. As usual, it is not a launch-day patch, but has a smooth transition to the new expansion on November 13. Let’s see what changes will happen in the live realms?

Razorgore the Untamed received a buff to increase his survivability.

In 6.0.2 Raids, most players are frustrated about Razorgore’s survivability in Razorgore the Untamed. Few players can go through it, because he dies so fast, and also cannot find a useful strategy. Every time, he got more than four or more orcs bashing on him. Now a buff to increase his survivability makes thing better.

Though it is now, you still need to master at least one strategy to put it in an emergency. An experienced player suggests that, you had better do the furthest eggs first before lots of stuff spawns. And then do the closest ones on the second MC, because mobs always peel off f him and aggro you when he is close to you. finally, do the middle ones on the third MC. Note that before the mind control wears off, you should dismiss Razorgore and sleep all dragons that aggro him.

Thrall received a reminder that he is currently still on Azeroth.

Most players may notice that Thrall behaves weird in the beta realms, because his current voice-acting makes him say like “the world is nothing like Azeroth”. Certainly, he refers to Draenor, but since we are still on Azeroth, it makes him look a bit loose in the head. In Patch 6.0.3, Blizzard has made a reminder to warn him of still being on Azeroth. It sounds so cute.

In addition, Iron Starlette becomes quiet and will no longer be excessively noisy when their owner is on a mount. Finally! But it seems some players enjoy this sound very much. So unbelievable! You can check other more fixes and changes in the beta realm.
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