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Hand controls for cars What should you know?

Posted Nov 12, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 12, 2014 -- Hand controls for cars What should you know?
What are hand controls?
Hand controls enable disabled people to drive vehicles without being dependent on others. It allows them to drive independently and safely. The brake and gas pedal can be operated by the driver using levers that are affixed below the steering wheel. There are various hand controls available so the driver needs to find which one suits his needs best.
Various types of hand controls for cars
 Push/Rock style hand control: It is becoming the popular choice in the market. This hand control style works by simply pushing the accelerator forward for brake and rocking back the lever to accelerate. This hand control style is easy to learn.
 Push/Rotate style hand control: the driver pushes the handle forward for brake and twist the handle to accelerate. This type of hand control requires full or limited finger operation.
 Pull or push style hand control: the accelerator and brake are not used at the same time in this kind of hand control. It is a better and a safer option for older drivers. The handle is pushed forward for brake and pulled back to accelerate. People with limited finger adroitness can function with this control with absolute ease. Driver can make some adjustments by housing different leverage settings on this hand control.
 Push/Right angle style hand control: it is one of the popular selling styles in the market. This style operates smoothly and flawlessly. This control works by pushing the handle upward and downward at a right angle to brake and accelerate respectively.
 Electronic hand controls: There are various electronically assisted hand controls available for cars which operate easily and effortlessly. Some of them are Over Ring accelerator, Trigger accelerator, Under Ring accelerator, Mechanical accelerator, The Ghost and Radial accelerator.
Range of Hand controls for cars
• Brake and accelerator: it is one of the simple and efficient hand control design on the market. The control operates by pushing for brake and pulling the handle to accelerate. This hand control was developed by Alfred Bekker originally for the disabled drivers.
• Automatic clutch in manual cars: The driver has to press a button which is available on the gear stick to press down the clutch on manual cars. As the clutch is controlled by a push button, your manual car turns into semi automatic one. It is easy for a leg amputee to drive.
• Compact hand controls: These have a sleek and sophisticated design. It operates by slightly pushing the handle in the forward direction for brake and pulling it backwards to accelerate. The driver can lock the brake by pushing the button when waiting in traffic. It gives the driver effortless and comfortable long range driving.
• Right hand clutch: It allows a left leg amputee to drive a manual car with ease. It operates by pressing the lever and changing the gear and then slowly releasing the lever to engage gear.
Benefits of driving with hand controls
Hand controls ensure a comfortable ride. They help the people with physical disabilities to drive independently. They offer ergonomic driving to the handicap.
Get latest models of famous Italian hand controls brand – Guidosimplex at official US dealers at this link .
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