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Guild Wars 2 common sense

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Anastasia
Guild Wars 2 common sense, today we bring life are the details of the manufacturing system, to facilitate a better understanding of the game.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 8, 2014 -- Guild Wars 2 common sense, today we bring life are the details of the manufacturing system, to facilitate a better understanding of the game.


Crafting is a tool manufacturing in Taiwan materials equipment or consumables. Guild Wars 2, the manufacturing system is divided into eight discipline, the player can activate one of two types of professionals, the four classes of each professional. Can spend the other 6 types of professionals pay a fee, will be retained in the level of professional expertise of existing switching, when players return to the old professional, automatic access to existing levels of competence, the level of cost switching outweigh professional career (the highest skill level 400) in accordance with 10 kilograms of copper per class fee.

Specialized manufacturing equipment and equipment entering the property is not very different, but the basic appearance is not the same armor class manufacturing backpack professional production at the beginning of four 8-cell pack is a good choice for the average player, first, the material is also very simple, so as not to make your own backpack seemed so constraints.

To produce the required documents by focusing on ways to:

1. The fastest way is of course the auction and merchants to buy the games dealers to sell certain production materials, especially the chefs use meat, fruits, etc.

2. Collected by the resource points for

3. Equipment dismantling and scrap (waste: the monster has a certain probability of scrap items icon of equipment breaks, but not the equipment, the recovery of raw materials with)

4. Monsters drop rare materials

After the success of the piece of equipment R & D can have a great experience and skills the role of experience, access to new weapons, a new formula.

Note: The materials have limitations in skill level, the level of expertise is below the level necessary materials can not be developed.

The role of the benefits of manufacturing, in addition to access to goods:

1. The new formula is a supplement of 100-150% of the value of the basis of experience, the characters get a lot of experience.

2. Once the production of multiple items will receive an additional experience of 15-50%, the manufacturing process will be accelerated: each of the individual elements of the time required for an article that before the time required to halve the refined treatment commodity save point once done.

3. When the critical success inevitable, to gain additional experience, which is manufactured by a random set, to gain experience while being part of production materials can be returned to players.

Basically every professional in Guild Wars 2 follows the manufacturing process for the production of players, which should not be alone, right? Hit the rare materials, do not forget to leave, or make friends for you to keep these materials, and rarely even an auction trafficking, the demand for these materials, and fall is not very high.
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