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Guide to ilvl 610 Requirements for Heroic Dungeons in WOW Warlords

Posted Nov 22, 2014 by fifapal
Guide to ilvl 610 Requirements for Heroic Dungeons in WOW Warlords

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 22, 2014 -- With the guide to level up from 90 to 100 in warlords of draenor expansion, majority people have hit the level cap. But with no going through ilvl 660 requirement, you cannot still step into the Heroic Dungeons. Here are some ways to help get the ilvl 660 requirements for heroic instance fast.

Buy ilvl 660 gear from a NPC to directly head into the instance

ilvl 660 tournament gear in Draenor

Currently, a rumor says that players can buy Tournament gear in Ashran, which costs about 50 – 100 gold per piece and is ilvl 660. This gear gets downscaled if you equip and use it, but if you leave it in your bags, it's not downscaled and the game adds that item to your total item level.

Blizzard has claimed that “Is it intended to obtain ilvl 660 tournament gear for gold? Is it an exploit people make use of? Obtaining it, yes, as it's only usable in War Games. Using it to bypass ilevel requirements is not.” You can buy wow gold instant delivery at safewow to try it.

Collect ilvl 610 – 630 gear as normal

If the above way is unworkable, you can focus on gear in the ilvl 610 – 630 range for hearoic dungeons, like rare spawns, questing, Normal Dungeons, and Apexis Crystal gear.


Questing in the top level zone, Nagrand, rewards gear between 587-610 ilvl. Quest items in Warlords have a chance to have a +10 ilvl boost and become rare, even epic, when acquiring them.

Normal Dungeons
Gear from Normal Level 100 Dungeons is ilvl 615 and you must have ilvl 595 to queue up for them. In Warlords of Draenor, multiple bosses can drop loot of the same name, but different bosses are assigned unique item level versions of the items.

Rare Spawns

All zones have level 100 rare spawns, which have a chance to drop ilvl 620 rares with several variations, like Warforged (626), Extra Socket, and/or a Tertiary Stat possibly.

Honor Gear

Honor Gear is ilvl 620, except in PvP combat when it jumps up to 675. First, you do not have to wait in an Ashran queue to purchase Honor gear, because Austin Feeney and Shadow Hunter Gar'ant in the faction hubs sell it. Second, once inside Ashran, you can purchase Honor gear from Marshal Karsh Stormforge and Warlord Noktyn as well.

In addition, there is ilvl 630 and ilvl 640 BoE crafted gear as well. As for Apexis Crystal gear, you can check on gearing guide in early new wow expansion warlords of draenor.

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