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Guide to get More Garrison Resources with fast cheap wow gold in WOD

Posted Nov 20, 2014 by fifapal
Guide to get More Garrison Resources with fast cheap wow gold in WOD

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 20, 2014 -- With the guide to level up from 90 to 100, more and more WOW players have already hit the level cap in WOW new expansion. Now, you need much more garrison resources to

upgrade your garrison. Here are some tips to gain enough resources soon.

Find within your garrison

It should be the easiest and safest way to get free resources to find in own garrison.

1. Your garrison cache next to your town hall: free 6 resources per hour, 144/day. It can hold 500 maximally.

2. around your garrison: some are buried like little mounds of dirt there.

3. Underwater cave in your fishing pond: swim down there for a chest with resources.

4. Follower missions with no resources required to start can reward resources.

Quests reward resources

Tons of quests reward garrison resources. You can come across them while leveling up. If you miss, you can go back to do it later. Besides, the wanted quests like the

3 from Spires of Arak reward more, almost 100 each.


1. The level 1 Lumber Mill: chopping down trees and turn them into work orders grant 20 resources each. That's a maximum of 120/day. Phylarch the Evergreen as a

follower assigned to the building will grant 30 resources per work order.

2. The level 1 Trading Post allows you to trade in 5 of a crafting reagent (randomly changes every day) for 30 resources per work order. That is a maximum of 180/day.

3. The level 1 Stables: capturing each mount rewards 50 resources per quest, and completing each training daily yields 20 resources (120/day). Successfully training all

mounts, you will get around 1600 resources and 6 new mounts. Kindly remind that you can also buy WOW mounts on

Rares and treasures

In addition to the above ways, you can also get resources from killing rares or treasures. Killing every rare grants 20 resources. Killing every available rare would

net you at least 2000 resources. Here, you can use an addon or purchase treasure maps to help you find resources quickly.

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