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guide to defeat Warlords of draenor kings with no confirmed wow gold

Posted Dec 22, 2014 by fifapal
guide to defeat Warlords of draenor kings with no confirmed wow gold

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 22, 2014 -- With the new patch coming out, some parts have been changed. In this article, I will show you the change part and how to defeat kings like Mythic Twins/ Mythic Brackenspore / Mythic Kargath.
King One: Kargath
For legend, Kargath is easy to kill.
1. In the legendary mode, there are many damage buffs. Players require that damage buffs should be shown with energy bar. The higher the energy bar is, the damage suffered will be.
2. How to utilize buffs has become a key factor for this battle
When you are marked by a boss, the energy bar will rise more and more with long kiting. If you are marked by a tiger, bring the tiger to the fore to increase its energy. If you are thrown to the top, the more the energy bar will be, the more you kill the monsters.
3. Haemophilus stage: start the stage when you are in full roll of energy bar. Generally speaking, throwing twice will make the energy ball full.
4. Dodge the fire circles and green circle on the ground. If boss release his big trick and you are in melee fight, please leave in advance.
5. Boss mark mechanism: Boss usually like to make the player who is far away from him. Therefore, if you are afraid of being marked, close the boss to fight.
6. Do not fall into the tiger pit.

Shadow Priest Tips:
1. the typical stake tactic will release double targets in one short time.
2. When the tiger shows up, double DOT for boss and single damage output for tiger.

Mythic Twins
1. dodge the fire! In the first tier, you can withstand it. In the second tier, you are likely to die. You need to be substituted for tier3. Therefore, dodging fire is quite important.
2. When the meteorites fall, healing skills will help.
3. Faced with twins’ special skills: Arcane assault and Arcane whirlpool, dodge them.
4. Burst Arcane: debuffs marked leaves the crowed. Do not close to some kinds of debuffs.
5. The key to success is to dodge the fire. But boss has frenzy pressure, do not die.

Shadow priest tips:
1. typical dual-target fight, double DOT, single damage output for black king.
2. Do not touch any fire.

Mythic Brackenspore
1. Too many Brackenspores; tsunami + explosion mushroom ; Brackenspore will split into five.
2. Fungus eaters: arrange melee battle; divide your team into two squads; a squad for two players; when the tsunami is coming, cover them in the remote.
3. Pay attention to the tanker damage reduction mechanism.
4. How to utilize the green and blue mushrooms is also the key point to this fighting.
5. Dodge the Tsunami and explosion mushroom.
6. Hunter should make use of the increased damage buff of fireguns.

Shadow Priest tips: fight for long time and multi-target.
1. When the boss shows up, use double DOT for boss, single damage for elites.
See the DBM and arrange double DOT for boss and elites before the Brackenspores come out.
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