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Get the Best Posture, By The Posture Perfector

Posted Dec 2, 2014 by ThePosturePerfector
One of the ways we can improve our physical health through good posture is by having a strong back.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 2, 2014 -- There are many factors which benefit our health including exercise, diet and sleep. But often overlooked is the importance of good posture. There are numerous benefits of having good posture, ranging from reduced back pain to better mental performance and concentration.

One of the ways we can improve our physical health through good posture is by having a strong back. Those who maintain a good posture are less likely to suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain. They also have stronger stomach muscles. Posture helps us to have more energy, and so to concentrate and perform well in the work place. It also helps with confidence building as good posture indicates both the health and confidence of a person.

Many of us work in offices and spend hours in a chair, therefore maintaining good posture while sitting down is very important. Sitting with a rounded back and hunched shoulders can easily become painful and even lead to injury. In this position, the muscles are stretched and pulled. Not only does this make them weaker but the discs between the vertebrae are pushed outwards, sometimes causing a slipped disc. Not only is this painful in the back, but the disc often hits a nerve which sends pain shooting down a leg or arm.

It is very important to make sure we are sitting on the right kind of chair while spending long hours at work. Firstly and crucially we need a chair that allows us to sit in a position that offers the right support for our back, so we can achieve a well-supported and natural balanced position for our spine. Also we need to sit so that our pelvis is rotated slightly forward and our thighs angled in a gentle downward position encouraging good blood flow to the feet which should be flat to the floor.

People mostly forget to follow these instructions but bad posture is not at all a problem for those who use Posture Medic. Developed by Gabriel Burell after 8 years of hard work and research, Gabriel came up with retractable bands which are easily worn on any clothes. The main advantage of using these bands is its easy usage, all you have to is to stretch the band, adjust it on your back and rest of the work will be done by Posture Medic.

These bands will automatically adjust on your back, helping muscles to be in correct position which will keep you away from severe back problems. Posture Medic comes in various sizes and can be easily used by people of all ages. Along with these bands Gabriel Burell also came up with various posture and shoulder training programs, helping people keep their posture and shoulders fit through physical exercises.

So come visit us online at and buy your Posture Medic today.
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Last Updated : Dec 2, 2014

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