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Get astral diamonds neverwinter cheapest and learn Ahead of D&D Neverwinter New Class: Scourage Warlock

Posted Jul 27, 2014 by fifapal
Get astral diamonds neverwinter cheapest and learn Ahead of D&D Neverwinter New Class: Scourage Warlock

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 27, 2014 -- Greeting everyone! The seventh new class Scourage Warlock in the free expansion D&D Neverwinter Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons would meet us soon after the sixth class Hunter Ranger in Module 2 Shadowmantle. According to the official site news, you should know the Scourage Warlock is a powerful dark spellcasters and damage dealer with his Curses to deal decimating blows to the target. Warlocks can fill one of two roles in a group, dealing necrotic damage, cursing foes or summoning soul puppet to augment their damage, what's more, Warlocks can heal and empower teammates by tearing the souls from foes. Great job, it is worth to play!

Three Feat Trees

Fury: Choose this tree you are a Fury Warlock with Fire and Death to destroy foes. Cursing and decimating foes with powerful spells.
Damnation: You are a Damnation Warlock with soul puppet to destroy foes, once the soul puppet active, he will more potent combatant to destroy foes at various distance.
Temptation: You are a Temptation Warlock can heal teammates by bind and steal the foes' life. While there are some auras can empower the nearby teammates or weaken nearby foes.

Personal feel the Damnation warlock path is great, the soul puppet has about a 250 damage DPS when it is not been buffed at all, but the Damnation tree does nothing but buff it up and let you have them out permanently. Of course, the Fury also is good, strong and powerful. Someone feels this class like the current Wizard, do you think? No, in fact, this Warlock is a Striker class not a Control class, with pet capabilities, is a very different play style in Neverwinter online. Learn more the Scourage Warlock skills in here, such as At-will, class features, encounters and more at Neverwinter wiki.
OK, the new class added in Neverwinter would attract more players join or more old players return this game. If you have no idea about this class, we are glad to share the video about Scourage Warlock in Tyranny of Dragons – Official Announce Gameplay Trailer. To choose a good and powerful class would save you more time to leveling and collect Astral Diamonds and Gold easy and fast. Safewow also will provide what you need, warlock guide, build and video would show for you, please pay attention to us. Have fun!
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Last Updated : Jul 27, 2014

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