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General Information About Disability And Hand Control

Posted Mar 3, 2015 by AldoMoore
Go to hand controls website portion at Better Life Mobility and choose some of Guidosimplex hand controls.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 3, 2015 -- What is Disability?
Disability is also known as impairment. Any physical, mental, emotional or sensory impairment in a person is called disability. Sometimes people are born with disabilities right from their birth, while with some it might occur due to any accidents or stroke, etc. There are different types of disabilities that can occur to people such as sensory, mental, physical or emotional. The type that is discussed below is physical disability. In this PR we will mention just some of them, but if you want to know more feel free to visit Better Life Mobility Centers
What is Physical Disability?
Physical disability refers to impairment that is the result of any physical disorder in the functional body parts such as knees, hands, legs, limbs or bones. This type of disability usually takes place from birth or can happen due to injuries, accidents, strokes, etc. Sometimes this type of disability can be cured if treated at the earliest, whereas most of the time it lasts for a lifetime.
What is meant by Hand Controls?
In simple words, hand control means manually functioning of the clutch, brake and accelerator in a vehicle. This type of controlling technique is used by drivers who do not have the strength in their legs, feet or knees.
A rod is linked to the end of the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals. This rod is attached in such a manner that pushing, twisting, pulling and moving the handle of the controls helps in the functionality of the brakes, clutch and accelerator pedals. Hand controls are usually placed on either side of the wheel of the steering or on the left hand side of the driver’s seat, just next to gear control. With the help of this technique in vehicle both small and big ones, physically impaired drivers get the freedom and comfort to drive on roads safely with any aid or without depending on any other person. This is a driving solution which gives ease and comfort in driving and also provides overall safety for the driver and vehicle.
Hand controls can be customized in any regular vehicle or vehicles with these specialised techniques are also available for users. Customizing hand controls in vehicles helps to operate and control the vehicle while driving with ease for both physically impaired and other drivers. Whereas, having to adapt to these controls can sometimes be tiresome job.
What are the different types of Hand Controls?
Along with power steering, operation of vehicles can be comfortable and easy for people, who suffer from physical disabilities in their legs and knees. Few types of hand controls that are available for physical impaired drivers are:
1. Functionality of brake pedal and accelerator pedal with the help of push and twist control with hands.
2. Also controlling the brake and accelerator pedals with hand, with the help of push and angle control.
3. Functionality of brake pedal and accelerator pedal with the help of push and pull control with hands.
4. Another type of hand control that is available is push and rock control to operate the brake and accelerator pedal with the hand.
Go to hand controls website portion at Better Life Mobility and choose some of Guidosimplex hand controls. Freedom is near you – visit or call 888 540 8267.
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