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Gate motors: A brief overview

Posted Jan 15, 2015 by tomjones
Electric gates seem to be the new-age choice, especially for its capability in offering unmatched services towards safety

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 15, 2015 -- Electric gates seem to be the new-age choice, especially for its capability in offering unmatched services towards safety. These gates are not commonplace, yet can be found in private premises of high-residential properties or commercial establishments. The backbones of these gates, called gate motors, are highly effective in ensuring top-notch security. Besides, there are other features in such gates contributing to the overall safe feeling. Now that the cost of gates have reduced to all time low, plenty of gate kits can be availed and installed at convenient prices. For those who intend to get these gates, should always search for market leaders like BFT, BPT, CAME and the like. These companies have proved themselves and will be complete value for money spent.

Regardless of electric gates being automatic or not, motors are invaluable kits to them. Generally, two types of motors exist- hydraulic and electromechanical. These devices enable gates to open and close without having to push them manually. Most automation companies offering these gates use a motor of some kind pertaining to leading manufacturers and suppliers as BFT or BPT. In fact, these companies have made their mark in the larger domain as gate openers, slide and swing or boom gates openers too.

Over the last few years, manufacturers have been competing with each other as good quality equipments have made their presence felt and naturally that has sparked off the competition. But the good thing is that the variety and demand have kept prices reasonable for this security product. With the different types of electric gate systems available now, installation patterns differ markedly. The main differences in the systems are mostly installation types, referred to as an above ground or below ground type option. Also, it is important to choose right types of gate motors, as requirements vary and both the hydraulic and electromechanical comes of use.

Not all motors are capable of operating and moving all gate types. An overlooked detail is the gate weight. Besides, there are other aspects when designing gates that determine automation systems. Gate weight mostly depends on the material it is manufactured from, which includes hard wood, soft wood, ironwork, steel or mixed or some other available options. Most solid or close boarded gates are affected during high winds to affect the operation of motors and system running.

If you think of above ground kits, they are used to slide or open gates after getting installed onto pillars or on a track. On the other hand, underground gate operators are installed beneath driveway gates, opening the same at a ninety degree angle. Within each category are normal gate motors that can be used with smaller or lighter gates and hydraulic gate operators required for maintenance-free use with bigger or heavier gates.

In the present scenario, the demand for electric gates is increasing rapidly and most people choose professional installation to ensure convenience and security. Apart from the gate systems, additional security levels comprising intercom systems, access control, digital code locks and GSM remote control are few other things that guarantee protection from outsiders.
Interested in getting gate motors for electric gates? We are one of the main suppliers of gate automation products with market leaders as BFT BPT and the like forming the main companies.
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Last Updated : Jan 15, 2015

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