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Gary Johnson, Newington, NH, Asks Community to Recognize Domestic Violence

Posted Mar 30, 2015 by Foxpoint
Gary Johnson, Newington, NH, Speaks Out to the Community on Domestic Violence.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 30, 2015 -- March 31, 2015

Domestic violence and abuse are words people want to avoid when talking about relationships, loved ones, friends, children, and society in general. Generally, the words conjure up images of an abused wife subjected to regular spousal abuse. The sad reality is that not all domestic violence is physical. It can be psychological too. Gary Johnson Newington NH supports a local charity specifically designed to assist survivors of domestic violence and help them enhance their lives afterward.

Most often, we see women and children as the victims of domestic violence. However, Gary Johnson Newington NH wants society to be aware that men can be victims too and experience the same feelings of fear, desperation, and powerlessness that all victims feel. “Abuse can be emotional, sexual, physical and mental.” says Gary Johnson Newington NH.

The first step to surviving and getting out of an abusive relationship, is to recognize that abuse in the relationship exists. “Domestic violence is a play for power. The key strategy used by the perpetrator is isolation and control,” says Gary Johnson Newington NH.

Too often, people find excuses for why the violence is there, why insults are being thrown around casually, or why someone needs to dominate the relationship. The effects can be detrimental and lasting. “Not only can physical damage occur, but the victim may suffer from lasting self-esteem issues and feelings of diminished self-worth,” says Gary Johnson Newington NH.

So what should a person watch for in a relationship if they suspect domestic violence and abuse is occurring? The first step is to look for signs of control and dominance. “It may be hard to spot at first and key words may seem more rude than violent,” says Gary Johnson Newington NH. The first signs may be insulting a person’s look, skills, or method of living.

Control takes over and the abuser may demand to know schedules, call to check up, and ask about money. Eventually, a victim may feel isolated from family and friends, and then is accused of being hypersensitive if they question their place and power in a relationship. “The danger of staying in a relationship with abuse or domestic violence is that it escalates over time,” says Gary Johnson Newington NH. Even if others inform the victim they are being abused, denial may occur. Getting out and seeking help will occur once the victim recognizes and admits their situation is abusive.

For more information on recognizing domestic violence, the following sites are recommended:
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