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Four Unbeatable Characteristics of Acrylic Display Stands

Posted May 3, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Whatever be your purpose of the display stand, be it personal or commercial, the acrylic display stands are greatly solving the purpose.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 3, 2014 -- Whatever be your purpose of the display stand, be it personal or commercial, the acrylic display stands are greatly solving the purpose. The choice of acrylic as the material for counter display is largely based on the physical properties of the material.

If you deal in selling items that need to be displayed to attract the attention of customers, it becomes important that the materials are displayed lucratively. Potential customers are greatly influenced by the minute details of the counter. Something like a simple display stand can have tremendous impact on the mindsets of the customers. The stands are available in a variety of materials to suit the needs of the business.

Wood, glass and acrylic are the three most widely used materials for the construction of the display stands. Among these, the acrylic stands are currently selling like hot cakes to suit the varied needs of retailers and customers. The displays made from acrylic put on a sober and simple look that favors the display of a variety of merchandise. There are several advantages of using display stands made from acrylic. Here are four chief benefits of using acrylic displays.

High on Versatility

The lean professional look acrylic has geared several industries towards using it as the material in display counters. Physically, acrylic can transform into a variety of shapes. This makes the stands made from acrylic an ideal foil for use as wall stands, ground based displays and table top displays.

The acrylic stands are resistant to corrosive weather. This ensures that the retailers do not face a problem in displaying the merchandise outdoors in the open. However, it is important to clean the material on prolong exposure to sunlight as acrylic might turn yellow. Though the transparent stands are the ones that are extremely popular, one can also go for a variety of choices in color.

Easy on the Weight

Nothing beats the acrylic stands when it comes to displaying merchandise at different places at short time intervals. Acrylic can serve to be the perfect counter display material for display of goods in trade fairs and the like. The stands made from wood or metal can be far heavier. This makes them hard to be transferred from one temporary location to another. The cost incurred in transporting the acrylic stands is also far lower.

Highly and Easily Washable

Unlike wooden and metal display stands, the displays made of acrylic are very easy to wash. There is also no need to use polish on the display to restore luster as in metal displays. A simple detergent solution should be enough to restore the original shine of the display. On the other hand, using the polish can also cause damage to the material.

Low on Cost
This is one area where the acrylic display beats all the other materials that are used to manufacture display shelf. Besides being tremendously cost effective, the acrylic stands are also highly resistant to external factors like weather, heat, decay and corrosion. These stands are also not brittle like glass and will not break on collision with another surface.
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