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Flat-Roofing Stockport Is Advantages Personified

Posted Jun 16, 2014 by SaraBro
Among the many variants of roofs available, the flat-roof is one of the most used variants if not the one most predominant.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 16, 2014 -- Among the many variants of roofs available, the flat-roof is one of the most used variants if not the one most predominant. In fact, contrary to popular belief, flat roofs are just as suitable for small structures like garages, storage sheds and outhouse extensions as they are for residential houses where many people opt for a pitched roof. Though a flat-roof does not offer the extra loft space of a pitched roof, it is much cheaper to build as it does not require expensive building materials or as many man-hours to build. It is a practical and no-frills alternative to the pitched roof which partly accounts for it’s the high demand for flat roofing Stockport. If you still have doubts about what kind of roof you really need, then you should probably consult a professional roofer Stockport.
It is a widely held notion that flat-roofs are not designed to withstand regular rain or heavy snow. While there is more than a grain of truth in this belief, a lot has changed over the past few decades. A skilled roofer Stockport will typically construct a flat-roof at a pitch of just a few degrees enough to divert to rain-water into a hopper for easy drainage. This ensures that standing water does not remain on flat roofs for extended periods of time. Moreover, flat-roofs have become far more durable today than they were a few decades ago account of advances in chemistry and construction techniques. Earlier, the materials required for flat roofing Stock comprised of asphalt and three-ply bitumen with a thin layer of gravel on top. Today, a range of newer materials have been introduced like that have almost doubled the life-span of flat-roofs.
Maintenance is also a very important consideration you should factor in before starting construction. Pitched roofs, another widely found type of roof, traditionally required lesser maintenance than flat-roofs. However, with the introduction of revolutionary new materials like EPDM and fiber-glass has bridged the gap between a flat roof and a pitched roof. A professional roofer Stockport will probably have a range of design choices for flat-roof construction. EPDM is one such popular design choice that is used to refer to a 3mm thick rubber membrane which provides outstanding weathering characteristics to flat-roofs in addition to greatly reducing their maintenance requirement. Nonetheless, the traditionally used construction materials for flat-roofs, namely bitumen or asphalt, are still widely used for flat roofing Stockport.
Another factor behind the relative popularity of flat roofing Stockport residential homes is the ease of replacement. A pitched roof is very difficult to replace and taking it down can sometimes take days on end. On the other, the entire flat roof can be replaced in less than a day. In fact, a skilled roofer Stockport can replace a whole flat roof in a matter of hours. Therefore, despite the somewhat longer life-span of a pitched roof, flat-roofs are ultimately much cheaper in the long run.
As it should be evident by now, flat roofing Stockport has a lot of benefits compared to other types of roofs. An expert roofer Stockport should be able to guide you in selecting whether you really need flat-roofing done and which construction materials you are going to require for the same. For instance, if you are living a relatively dry area but you are worried about how a flat roof might heat up your home, then setting up a few asbestos sheets over your roof could eliminate this problem. Meanwhile, EPDM sheet could be the perfect solution for those living in rainy areas.
As a home owner you should be aware of various materials that can be used for constructing flat roofing Stockport so as to facilitate durability and less maintenance. To that effect even roofer Stockport should familiarize himself with traditional as also latest materials so that he is cognizant with pros and cons of both types.
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Last Updated : Jun 16, 2014

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