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Features That Define Best Suits for Men

Posted May 5, 2014 by tomjones
For men, suits constitute formal wear and hence are worn once in a blue moon when the occasion truly calls for it.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 5, 2014 -- For men, suits constitute formal wear and hence are worn once in a blue moon when the occasion truly calls for it. How a suit turns out to be in terms of appearance depends on the style chosen by the wearer and this implies that some of the best suits for men could be as different from each other as the personalities whom they grace. That said there are some basic attributes that every suit conforms to and these are regarded as forming the skeleton of this form of apparel. Therefore, whether you opt for Michael Kors which is close to the top of the range or a more humble version, looking out for certain points is a must.

Much of the appearance of the suit depends on the manner in which it fits on the wearer and in the industry’s jargon this aspect is referred to as the construction of the suit. Best suits for men comprise of at least three different layers namely underlining, lining and fabric superimposed on each other and are either made from machine or sewn by hand. Amongst these it is the latter that provides a snug and customized fit as per the contours of the wearer while the former needs to be altered at the time of purchase. Then there are free-for-all sizes that serve as good options for daily wear while something exclusive like Michael Kors is good for occasional wear.

Best suits for men could be single-breasted, double-breasted or Mandarin and each sports its own unique style. If you wish to convey a conservative look then you must opt for the British version while a trendier look is achieved by the American type. Asian suits are a genre of their own and therefore need to be worn only when the event specifically calls for it. Style is also determined by bearing in mind other factors like height, width or other personal features and all of these are taken into account by brands like Michael Kors while stitching outfits. For example, men with a good physique must opt for slim fit while tall men could go for Italian cut.

There are a wide range of fabrics that best suits for men are made from and the price of the suit is a direct derivative of the price of the fabric. A lot depends on the reason for acquiring the suit, meaning if it is class that you wish to convey then a visit to Michael Kors is a must to acquire an expensive formal suit. Likewise, for more mundane wear, there are more economical options that could be chosen so that erosion through daily wear and tear does not pose a problem. Irrespective of the cost, cardinal rules pertaining to the manner in which the suit is worn should be adhered to in order to convey the suave and elegance that it has been acquired for.

Color plays a seminal role in determining which are the best suits for men and these range from traditional blue, black and charcoal gray to more unconventional shades like tan, taupe and even white. Choice of color must be based on the complexion of the wearer as also his natural style so that it echoes his personality in the best possible manner. Men generally prefer traditional colors since they can be worn on any occasion but sporting an unconventional color once in a while does add to the style quotient. At Michael Kors, the array of colors is vast and you are sure to find something suitable on your visit.

There are several factors that contribute towards the style and class that best suits for men emanate and cognizance of these comes in handy while making a personal selection. One of the brands that stands out in this niche is that of Michael Kors and all it takes is a visit to the store to realize that there is something for everyone.
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