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Factors to consider when choosing your FAAC Automated Gates

Posted Aug 10, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Have you ever wondered why more and more homeowners and businesses are installing BFT automatic gate systems?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Aug 10, 2014 -- Have you ever wondered why more and more homeowners and businesses are installing BFT automatic gate systems? Security is simply the first benefit of such a sophisticated system. These gates can also increase your level of convenience with regard to opening or closing them. If you have decided to install these FAAC gates in your home or office, the following factors must be considered to make the right choice.
The first factor to consider when choosing your BFT gates is whether you need swinging or sliding gates. This will depend on the kind of entrance you have to the property. If you have a driveway that slopes upwards towards the property, you will need a sliding gate. It will consume lesser space compared to swing gates and provides you more access to the driveway. Besides, this type of automatic gates offer relatively higher level of security and convenience.
The second factor to consider when choosing your FAAC automated gate systems is the power supply requirements. Most of the systems will need the normal power supply, but it must be installed by a professional technician. The same power supply will be used for lighting and intercom systems associated with the automatic gates.
Once you have chosen the type and power supply requirements of the BFT agate system, the next factor is the style and design. The choice is going to depend on your requirements and the kind of property where the gate is to be installed. If you need more privacy, choose a solid gate. If you need something more elegant, there are many decorative options such as steel or wrought iron gates. There are timber gates with multiple timber pieces that give a highly rustic appeal.
The next point is something that most homeowners or business owners will not think before coming across the FAAC gate systems. The operating system may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is important to choose a more convenient option. The benefits of using hydraulic systems is that they are silent, have better resistance against wind and last longer. But they will cost you more. If you want to save money and the above-mentioned physical factors don’t matter, choose the electro-mechanical systems. You can gain access to the controls through voice and video, keys or digital pads. It will be best to consider all these options based on your needs and budget.
There should never be any compromise for safety, even if it costs you a little amount of money. Before you open or close the gate, make sure that the area is clear and safe. Some of the BFT gate systems will detect any kind of obstructions near the gate to keep the gates locked until the area is cleared. Once you have installed the system, make sure that it is tested on a timely basis to prevent any type of malfunctioning. Consider all the above-mentioned factors before you make any choice about installing automatic gates at your home or office.
Are you interested in installing high quality FAAC gates in your property? Make sure to check this website to explore the best quality BFT automatic gate systems.
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