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Etiquette in taxis Tidworth

Posted May 10, 2014 by johnybfre
Etiquette is the practice of behaving in a certain manner meant to abide by clear rules and conventional norms.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 10, 2014 -- Etiquette is a respectful manner of behaving. At the beginning, this concept was mostly used by the upper class to signify their high level. Slowly, middle-class citizens have started to use politeness and all sorts of social behaviours to become identified more with the elites of the society who were very preoccupied with etiquette.

Nowadays, everybody is aware of this concept, only that few of us actually use it. We believe that etiquette is something that we should practise only when we go to the theatre, opera house, when we meet an acquaintance down the street and greet him or her or when we allow an old woman to take our seat, on a bus.

But etiquette is more than that; it should a part of our daily life and accompany every action that we take. We display etiquette if we dress properly on a specific occasion, if we use decent words when speaking on the phone or face-to-face with any person, even with people that annoy us, when we share various means of transport, and so on.

Speaking of transport, there is an entire etiquette that has to be respected by those who travel by car, train, plane or ship. Taxis, too, impose their own code of conduct that needs to be first known and then respected by all those who prefer to take a cab instead of other means of public transport or instead of driving their own car.

Whether people get taxis Tidworth for airport transfers Tidworth or to go to work, they have to know that the etiquette tells them to always choose the backseat of the car, not the seat next to the driver. If a person wants to sit on the left of the driver, he would have to ask the permission of the driver to do that.

Calling for a cab is another thing that is worth mentioning in relation to taxi etiquette. Yelling "Taxi!" may be effective for getting a cab while being in a busy and noisy area, but the etiquette recommends that people contact a taxi company prior to getting out in the street, to avoid disturbing passers with their yelling.

Another rule for people who get taxis Tidworth for airport transfers Tidworth or to go to a certain destination in comfort and style without driving their own car is to always be sociable with the driver, even if you do not feel like it. Although many drivers prefer to be quiet, there are some who like to chat a lot; if you have the chance to meet a talkative driver, be nice and discuss with him.

If your phone rings while in the taxi and you simply cannot postpone the conversation, remember that anything you say would be heard by the driver, too, not only by your interlocutor, so make sure to use decent words. Also, avoid discussing intimate details on the phone. Whispering is not a solution; if you have to provide a sensitive piece of information on the phone, send a message instead of whispering it.

Taxi drivers are hired by taxicab companies and they receive a salary for their work. However, they are more than happy to get a tip from their customers, just like a bartender, waiter, doorman, courier or any other employee who provides services to members of the society. In this case, the etiquette says that the appropriate tip for a cab driver is about 10%-15% of the fare.

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Last Updated : May 10, 2014

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