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Enjoy Free Dental Care Alpharetta with Jones Bridge Dental Care

Posted Mar 20, 2015 by john3322
There are many people facing dental issues in the present time frame. This is mainly due to the less care imparted by the people towards the teeth and gums. choose jbdfromtheheart for your family

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 20, 2015 -- All the humans of the world are busy working towards the same motive, making as much money as they can. In this sad yet true rat race humans often forget the meaning of humanity itself, where one human will even feed on others’ fortunes in order to be more successful. In such a scenario, Jones Bridge Dental Care opens their hearts to the people who are not fortunate enough to enjoy the financial successes others are lavishing on, and enable them to keep their dental health in control for no charges at all! If it is someone who believes in the power of health and humanity, then it is certainly Dr Leo Yelizarov, the owner of the dental care centre!

What Jones Bridge Dental Care does for the less fortunate ones among us is that it organizes a predetermined day as a Free Day of Dentistry, where the doctors and dentists of the dental centre will check patients for dental issues for absolutely no cost at all. The owner of the centre believes that the ones who are well off financially have access to excellent dental health centres and hygiene very easily, but it is the less fortunate ones that get left behind. These people, although belonging to the part of the world where the percentage of dentists against the total population is the most, are not lucky enough to actually have access to dental support. Dr Yelizarov thought that since helping people is never a bad thing then why not help the needy with the gift of good dental health services that he had in abundance! He was moved by this ideology and hence established the tradition of Free Dental Services in Alpharetta GA! This free dentistry day is now held every year around the date of 4th July, and an amount of over a quarter of a million dollars have been spent in spreading whiter and healthier smiles!

Now, this dental centre offers free dental check-ups to the needy ones free of cost at the regularly organized Free Dentistry Day Alpharetta. These days have turned out to be huge successes for the dental care centre in the past, and continue to set new records every time they pull it off again! For the handful of operating hours that the free day of dentistry runs for, dentists of the dental centre consult and treat more than a hundred patients, all free of cost! The dentists working here believe that although they are not capable providing ideas and plans that will eradicate poverty completely as such, they are doing their simple yet effective part of the work that will bring about the necessary change the world is so desperately waiting for.

The Jones Bridge Dental care has set up some rules so that they are capable of handling as many lucky patients they can during the free family and Cosmetic Dentistry Alpharetta service that they provide. The first and the foremost rule that they incorporate for the free day of dentistry is that they restrict the number of dental procedures per person to only one. Now there is no selfish reason behind this, only noble ones! The dentists working for this want to treat as many people as possible and due to the large turnout, it becomes hard for them to give complete procedures to all patients!

Also, the Free Dentistry Day avoids complex and time taking procedures like deep cleaning of teeth, complex impactions, etc. Further, patients needing ongoing dental care are provided with the initial aid at the free day of dentistry, and then referred to community dental centres where they can receive the further treatment for negligible costs! The free day works on the principle of early come early serve, and hence people are advised to be there early for the day!

No noble work like this is ever complete without the help of the other beautiful souls of this earth coming together in the form of volunteers. Jones Bridge Dental Care also looks for the same for organizing this day as it gets pretty big! If you are willing to volunteer for the organization than you can simply check the volunteer vacancies available at their website and join them right away!
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