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Energy Consumption of Medical Freezers

Posted Mar 5, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 5, 2015 -- Energy Consumption of Medical Freezers
In order to preserve all necessary medications and blood in perfect condition, medical facilities use medical refrigerators. There are different things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to this particular type of refrigerators .
Medical refrigerators are mostly used to store medications that cannot stay in room temperature, but preserved at the exact temperature. This kind of storing items extends their shelf life and keeps them in a perfect state, so they can be used any time necessary. This way, you can preserve blood unspoiled and usable, which is useful when transplantation is necessary in case of an accident or any other emergency. These kinds of refrigerators can be used to preserve stem cells of a new born baby that can be later on used to prevent deceases and cure the ones that have developed.
Different types of medical appliances
There are medical freezers of different capacity, size and with certain capacity limits. Freezers with the highest quality are capable of preserving items at temperatures lower than -15 degrees. When it comes to sensitive items like these, a security lock on the door might be a necessary option. The features that can be included are manual defrost option for maintaining a stable temperature, a recessed handle, adjustable thermostat, and custom shelving designed specifically to store medications, vaccines, and test tubes.
Important question - energy consumption
Preserving energy is important, so have this in mind when you decide to purchase one. Every medical refrigerator must be energy efficient. Greater energy efficiency means that there will be less greenhouse gases, which reduces the damages on the ozone layer. Also, you should pay attention to the unit's cubic measure as an indication of how much it will hold, and the unit's energy consumption. You may add two or three cubic meters in capacity without substantially increasing your electrical consumption.
In case you need a greater space, you can opt for medical refrigerator freezer combo. It is a combination of a freezer and a refrigerator for storing more items that require different temperatures. These are specially featured for use in medical and laboratory facilities and they come with an internal fan for even temperature distribution and a factory installed lock that provides security that you can count on, as well as the alarm that warns of temperature variations. These units come with a hospital grade plug and cord to protect the plug from becoming dislodged, all with a goal to be completely safe while using them.
On the other hand, there are portable medical refrigerators. These can be used to transport medications to the places of accident, since they can maintain the necessary temperature for a prolonged time. These refrigerators can be used for providing medications in case of emergencies. These refrigerators are truly useful when it comes to providing the required medicines to these affected people, so they can truly mean the difference between saving someone's life and inability to help him or her.
Where to look for?
If you need professional medical equipment like freezers and refrigerators visit medical refrigeration e-store section at Cooler Store and check models on sale! To ensure best price, high performance and smooth operation and quality products visit
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