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EMS Internet website features helpful reviews on Photoshop CC

Posted Apr 16, 2014 by Bellaisa
Adobe Photoshop is the name given to graphics editing program made and introduced by Adobe Systems. It is the improved version of its predecessor,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 16, 2014 -- Adobe Photoshop is the name given to graphics editing program made and introduced by Adobe Systems. It is the improved version of its predecessor, Adobe Photoshop CS6. This new photo editing tool has been furnished with a large number of advanced features which promise to help the photographers, graphic designers, web designing professionals to become more creative and exhibit more clarity in their work. The addition of the improved features will definitely enrich the users’ digital imaging experience. Before using Photoshop CC, it is important to visit the website of EMS Internet and read EMS Internet reviews on the photo editing tool.

Here are the few key features of Photoshop CC:
• Warp Perspective: This feature is specifically useful for images with straight lines as well as flat surfaces like the images of buildings and architectural structures. This feature can also be used for compositing objects with various perspectives in a single image.

• Linked Smart Objects: Just like Illustrator and InDesign, linked this new feature enables the users to use the same object in several documents, alter it once, and implement that change in each of the Photoshop documents. This not only saves time but also improves team collaboration. This works greatly with the PDF and Illustrator files. The linked Smart Objects can help you bring down the size of the Photoshop files, thus, saving hard disk space.

• Adobe Camera Raw: Adobe Camera Raw assists in automatic straightening of an image. This can be done by double clicking the straighten tool or by selecting the Straighten tool and double clicking anywhere else in the preview image. You can also do this by selecting the Crop tool and pressing the Command key to switch to the Straighten tool temporarily and then double clicking at any place within the preview image. With the Adobe Camera Raw, you can now select a background color for the work area as well as toggle the visibleness of the hairline frame surrounding the image.

• Print 3D Objects: With Photoshop CC, you are now able to print any and every compatible 3D model. You can do this without worrying about the limitations of 3D printers. Photoshop CC, while preparing to print, makes the 3D objects watertight. It also generates the important support structures, rafts, and scaffolding to make sure that your 3D prints are successfully printed.
Other enhancements offered by Photoshop CC are as follows:

• Better font change
• Stability upgradation to the Photoshop Generator feature
• Better selection of shapes using the Direct Selection tool

• Easy setting of a custom background color in the New Document dialog

• Layer names, at present, can consist of as many as 255 characters
• Narrow Options Bar for tiny displays

Or proper information on Photoshop CC, you need to do some research on the internet and find out websites like EMS Internet to get appropriate reviews on the photo editing tool. These reviews provide precise knowledge on the features and functionality of the new Photoshop CC.

EMS Internet is a top-notch ecommerce web development service provider in the UK. You can visit the company website to read the EMS Internet reviews on Photoshop CC.
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