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Effective Brand Positioning and Brand Growth Strategies

Posted Sep 18, 2013 by brandheartpr
Glen has also developed an approach to personal branding that is considered revolutionary.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 18, 2013 -- 13-SEP-2013, Glen Campbell, founder and Managing Director of Brandheart, found at, has developed a unique and unrivalled approach to brand positioning and brand growth strategies that is effectively challenging outdated and misunderstood Brand building services.

When asked what lies at the heart of his brand development approach he said, “My Brandheart Method utilizes the most effective brand building methods and fuses optimal mind and behavior change tools and technology that rapidly turn a business into a brand that can generate sales overnight while building the brand over time.”

Glen’s approach to brand positioning and Brand Strategy Development is truly unique in the way it focuses on the emotional and rational drivers and connectors and in ensuring that the promises a business makes are able to be delivered every single time through cultural alignment.

Glen said, “Business leaders need to first ensure they have a powerful, captivating and inspiring vision, core purpose and values…and just as importantly a brand promise that strikes at the very heart of your prospects needs, wants and desires. This of course needs to be understood and embraced internally first. Then they need to ensure their team has the aligned mind and behaviours so they can consistently keep that promise in a way that is emotionally engaging and compelling for the customers.”

Glen has also developed an approach to personal branding that is considered revolutionary. The impact it has on leadership self awareness and the ability to resonate with employees for cultural improvement that yields far greater alignment and productivity.

At the time of this press release Glen has done the personal branding or Business branding for well over 100 CEO’s, business leaders and entrepreneurs with results he says are nothing short of transformational.

Glen’s Brandheart Method for personal branding and Brand development program has been tried and tested on some of Australia’s and the world’s most successful brands…and has yielded outstanding results.

Glen specializes in working with courageous business leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to move away from outmoded methods of marketing and promotions used by so called ‘expert marketers’.

“Unfortunately everybody now appears to be a marketing expert yet if you look beneath the jargon, platitudes and false promises you wont find much experience…or substance.”

Glen’s real concern is that most marketing now focuses on rational propositions like price off, trading terms or giveaways, which he says only serve to turn the business into a commodity trader whose time and opportunities are limited. “To develop effective brand positioning and Brand Strategy Development requires a deep understanding of what a brand actually is and how it should become an intrinsic part of someone’s life.” Glen said.
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Website : Brand Strategy Development
Phone : 0412 746 206
Business Address : Suite 5, 35 Wycombe Road
Kurraba Point NSW Aust 2089
Country : Australia
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Tags : brand development strategy, corporate branding, brand coaching, Personal Branding, brand positioning
Last Updated : Sep 18, 2013

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