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Edcon steel: The best steel merchant

Posted Aug 12, 2013 by EdconSteel
Edcon Steel is the pioneer steel merchant in Australia and has over 40 years of experience in dealing with steel and metal.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Aug 12, 2013 -- There are many unreliable steel merchants in the market, who are making profits but are not providing desired quality of both product and service. Many people are questioning, if these companies are not supplying good quality steel and services, then how are they making profits? There are plenty of businesses who give these kinds of unreliable steel merchants a chance to work for them but soon they face the consequences later when the steel or metal supplied by those deceitful metal merchants proves to be of poor quality. When dealing in metal, people should always remember that the quality of metal should be superior. Many people ignore this fact and soon face the aftermath by losing their brand name and status in the market.

Edcon Steel is the pioneer steel merchant in Australia and has over 40 years of experience in dealing with steel and metal. Edcon Steel has been providing the desired number of steel bars, brass pipes and other metal objects as a small enterprise trading as “Edmund and Horton”. Now that small enterprise has grown into a big corporation of structural steel fabricators and they possess the skill of making the metal into the most complex structures. The name “Edmund and Horton” changed to “Edcon Steel” when it won a contract for Qantas house in Sydney and till date has a strong hold in market. The client list of Edcon Steel is long and is living proof of Edcon Steel’s efficiency and prominence. The best thing about the metal merchant Edcon Steel is its reputation in the market and that reputation only continues to grow.

The reliable and efficient, metal merchant of Australia, Edcon Steel faced tough competition in the market but their hard work and capability to carry out even the most complicated metal fabricating has held them in good stead. Why should you hire Edcon Steel? The answer is simple, they offer superiority in their online quoting services, efficient and effective customer service and the highest quality of steel in the market.

Many steel or metal suppliers in Australia are efficient and are good customer service providers too but again Edcon Steel is above and beyond as the only steel fabricator providing the facility of customized orders. Yes, you will just have to pay for the order size you want which is unlike other steel suppliers who charge by the package whether you need that much steel or not. Visit to know more.
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Last Updated : Aug 12, 2013

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