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Easy way to buy Facebook page likes

Posted Sep 13, 2014 by tedmark
It should be no surprise to us that people who don’t use the social media in order to promote their company or themselves won’t enjoy as much recognition.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 13, 2014 -- It should be no surprise to us that people who don’t use the social media in order to promote their company or themselves won’t enjoy as much recognition. This is regardless of how many advertisements they’ve had in the local newspapers and radio stations. It’s actually cheaper to create an image in the social media by buying likes on Facebook, for example. The fact is that in order to grow our company, we will need to keep in touch with our customers, and this can only be achieved through the use of the social media.
Not very long ago, having a Facebook account was considered something out of the ordinary, maybe even deviant. Nowadays, it seems out of the ordinary not to have a Facebook account, and for good reason. People like to stay in touch with other people that they know and like, being able to see what they’re doing and how they’re feeling. Furthermore, we like to keep in touch with the companies and brands that produce the things we use every day. The fact that we can do so through the use of the social media is a really great thing, and not just for us, but for those that run the companies as well. This is because they can more readily get feedback on their products and services. However, it’s not that easy to gain popularity in the social media. Numbers say that the average growth rate of a fan page is around 0.64 percent per week, and that is pretty low. We can easily surpass this if we buy Facebook page likes. The fact is that buying likes on Facebook is much cheaper and more lucrative than anything else we could do to increase our company’s exposure.
Many people wonder whether it really helps to buy Facebook page likes. After all, isn’t it a bit like cheating? Furthermore, aren’t we really just pumping up some numbers? While it’s obvious that, in a small way that is exactly what we’re doing, on the other hand, we need to look better in order to see the implications of buying likes on Facebook. The growth of a fan page depends a whole lot on the number of fans it has. If we have only one thousand fans, then, with an average growth of 0.64% per week, we’ll only about 25 fans per week. This is, of course, if we have that many fans. It’s actually quite hard to get a Facebook fan page started.
What most people don’t realize is the fact that they need to post interesting and relevant content on their Facebook company page, and they need to do this regularly. Otherwise, the page will seem old and neglected, abandoned even, and this is the way in which those that follow it will feel as well. A really good way to increase our company’s business exposure is to complement buying likes on Facebook with posting interesting and engaging content. If we buy Facebook page likes we need to make sure that the people who like our page have something interesting to see and share about it. With an average of 130 friends per account, if we get only 10 people to like our content, then around one thousand people will get to see it.

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Last Updated : Sep 13, 2014

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