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Does Shaman Come Downwards with Low DPS and Useful Spells for cheap wow gold offering

Posted Nov 24, 2014 by fifapal
Does Shaman Come Downwards with Low DPS and Useful Spells for cheap wow gold offering

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 24, 2014 -- Recently, wow players have lots of words to Shaman in Warlords of Draenor. For this class, players pay more attention to its low DPS and character direction. But Blizzard denied. Under this situation, does any Shaman with the guide to level up from level 90 to 100 hit the level cap already?

Shaman DPS should be buffed

Although Blizzard claimed that damage in both the Enhancement and Elemental spec were overpowered, many beta testers still said that damage felt low. Shamans are busy collecting water striders before Warlords always, but the low DPS numbers got them kicked from Heroics. Is it fair?

Useless spells on the talent tree

If low damage is the flashpoint, the character development lag should be the real bomb. Shaman used to be the spiritual leaders of the Horde. When BC released, each class was allowed to evolve without counterpart balance holding them back. In spite of that, Shaman was still on the sidelines.

Dating back to pre-BC, Shaman’s Elemental mastery was taken away and replaced by Deathwing's Toenails. And then, Shaman talent tree looks shaky, especially in level 45 talent line, where players have to spec into moving totems with no more useful spells, and the level 75 talent line healing bonuses for each spec.

Small changes make a world of difference

Perhaps a simple and small change, like to give the Enhancement community a minor glyph, may make players jump for joy, because it seems they are holding a two-hander. But everything goes opposite. People complain things are taken away without replacements while Blizzard claims they are overpowered.
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