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Do not look beyond Shelter Logic for your shelter needs

Posted May 3, 2014 by tomjones
There are many companies in US that offer portable shelters for different purposes, sizes and designs.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 3, 2014 -- There are many companies in US that offer portable shelters for different purposes, sizes and designs. You may think that as all of them are just simple shelters and therefore it is not important to look for a brand. But, when you ask your friends or colleagues you may receive unfavorable comments about them which may put you off. The other day one of my rather ‘adventure loving’ friends complained how the fabric of the shelter had to be tightened frequently just to keep it upright. After going through some unbiased blogs and research I found a product, Shelter Logic, which looked quite impressive. The product range is quite elaborate and there is something for everyone

Shelter Logic has an attractive price tag as well where you can get a shelter for less than $550. So if you have requirement for a 10’x12’x8’ simple shelter you need not to buy an over-specified shelter by paying $2000. They are just the right thing if you need small portable shelters space around your home to store fire wood, garden tools or patio equipment. There are some companies that compromise on quality to keep down their cost, without informing their buyers. For example, they offer two versions of their shelters and the cheaper one comes with light gauge steel which may not be appropriate for all weather conditions. But as they do not inform this to their buyers you may find it to be unsuitable for your purpose only after you have fitted it completely, or even worse, after few months.

For a place that experience strong wind flows, frequent tornado or earthquake or heavy snowfall needs portable shelters that have strong frame as well as good, sturdy fabric. Or else, the frame or the cover may buckle under the heavy pressure. There are Shelter Logic products exclusively designed for heavy snowfall region in which the fabric can take the weight of the snow. So, when you select the model filter your search with your requirement to choose the right shelter.

Shelter Logic also has round top shelters that are great with respect to aesthetic and functionality. They look nice on your backyard and the dome shape does not allow snow to accumulate thus minimizing the chance of weight build up. Other than portable shelters you can also opt for round top garages that come with the same heavy duty steel frames and industrial grade fabric. And, if I tell you that this garage would cost you slightly less than $600, your first reaction would be of rather disbelief.

If you now think that you will have to hire a professional to set up these portable shelters I would prove you wrong again. Two persons, without any previous experience or knowledge can get this ready within three hours. Go through the instructions and carefully look for the parts. Shelter Logic products come in two neat packages. Keep aside the fabric since you are going to use it at the last stage. Arrange the hardware, erect the frame and then put the cover. The tightening mechanism is designed intelligently with a ratchet down strap that can be easily adjusted from time to time as weather dictates which will ensure your portable shelter stays drum tight at all times.

Shelter logic portable shelters are highly regarded for their versatile use, premium quality and affordable cost.
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Last Updated : May 3, 2014

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