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DNA Sequencing by Capillary Electrophoresis

Posted Jan 27, 2015 by elinaalbert
We are specialized in Gel Documentation System and we also focus on Electrophoresis of DNA and Electrophoresis DNA Fingerprinting.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 27, 2015 -- Officially, BioOlympics Ltd. is a SME that specialize in developing and manufacturing pioneering diagnostic imaging systems. It is our mission to help turn our planet into a superior place, though the use of technology. The breakthrough of the Biochip, Micro Mechanics, and Nanotechnologies transform the diagnostic industry. It enables us to generate the next generation devices that are transportable, resourceful, and commanding. Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is an alternative to straight slab gel electrophoresis for the division of DNA fragments. CE offers a number of compensation over slab gel division in terms of speed, resolution, sensitivity, and data handling. Separation times are usually only a few minutes and the DNA is detect either by UV absorption or by fluorescent labeling. The amount of DNA required for division is in the nanogram range. Single-base resolution can be gain on fragments up to several hundred support pairs. In the existence of appropriate standards, fragments can be correctly sized support on relative electrophoresis mobility. If you want to know about some important information about Capillary electrophoresis DNA then you should visit

During this time, DNA sequencing process have evolved on or after the labor intensive slab gel electrophoresis, from side to side automated multi capillary electrophoresis systems using our devices labeling through multispectral imaging, to the “next generation” technologies of repeated array, hybridization based, and single molecule sequencing. Capillary electrophoresis DNA is based on the separation of analyses according to charge or size ratio. In this method the composition of the buffer is kept constant ionic strength and pH around the capillary and throughout the duration of the separation. The applied potential reason the different ionic components of the mixture migrate every in his mobility and separate areas that can be fully resolved or partially overlapping. Among the fully resolved areas are holes occupied by the buffer. Injecting the sample into the capillary can be carried out by voltage gradient or pressure gradient between the two ends of the capillary. Detection is done, typically, directly on the capillary. The type of detector chosen depends on the analyses to be determined, and one that provides high sensitivity to all compounds is chosen. Ultraviolet-visible direct and indirect detection is one of the most used in CD, although it is also used fluorescence method, which is more selective and sensitive. Usually this method is combined with the use of a laser for the detection of trace substances. Moderate-intensity laser is used, along with the ability to center on a small point of light on the capillary. In this procedure a prior sample preparation is performed to mark the substances to be measured with a fluorescent substance. The main difficulty is the alignment of the optical components so that the excitation emission is optimal.

Bio Olympics is a company that provides testing services in the area of genomics to agriculture professionals and biomedicine in different regions in our country. It is provides DNA sequencing, genotyping, development of molecular biology projects and training of human resources professionals in the country and abroad. The unit enables remote service and decentralized network of research laboratories and development organization.
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