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Digital Forensics Singapore: A Less Known Investigative Discipline

Posted Sep 28, 2014 by tomjones
Most of us have a notion that forensics and digital forensics are the same and people specialized in these two disciplines have more or less the same job responsibilities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 28, 2014 -- Most of us have a notion that forensics and digital forensics are the same and people specialized in these two disciplines have more or less the same job responsibilities. However, digital forensics Singapore experts do a lot more than you read about forensics officers in crime novels. Some of these experts work in the capacity of ethical hackers, whereas many of them have fathom-deep knowledge about hardware components. If you are looking for an expert who specializes in e-discovery, it means that you are not actually looking for a general forensic expert. You are, in this case, looking for a digital forensics Jakarta professional. There are quite a few independently operating forensic investigation firms that have their strong presence in many Southeast Asian countries.

Many of these digital forensics experts working with different privately held firms have years of experience in law enforcement and they can investigate a variety of issues that are either classified as serious crimes or border on that. These criminal acts include email misuse, financial data leakage and theft, photo morphing, unauthorized use of digital data etc. For years, these professionals have applied their skills and knowledge in digging out the truths that are hidden behind the curtains of the otherwise glossy web world. From tracking real locations of cyber criminals to recording their whereabouts, they help their clients in a number of ways. In this date and age of data superabundance, using the services of digital forensics Singapore experts sometimes become an imperative of victims of cyber attack. The primary responsibility of these experts is to safeguard the important digital data of the innocent users who hardly know about different types of cyber threats disguised in form of websites, torrents etc.

Why forensic experts in Singapore, Jakarta and nearby areas have burgeoned in popularity? This is because these areas have become economic nerve centres of entire Southeast Asia for quite a few years and cyber criminals from around the world have targeted the business owners and individuals with high net worth. For example, a group of hackers hacked into Zappo, a very popular online retail store’s server and tried to steal customer credit card information. In addition to that, hackers often target infrastructure related websites such as water purification plant sites etc as they know these sites’ databases contain details of higher officials working in governments of different countries. Therefore, hiring highly efficient e-discovery professionals almost becomes an imperative for business entities and individuals.

Try to get access to annual reports published by different antivirus companies and you could easily find that these companies are too worried about the growing cases of cyber threats. Apart from the bigger attacks, also consider the smaller attacks that happen on social media sites almost every day. Business owners need to address these issues with gravity and hire the best digital forensics Singapore experts to resolve the issues.

Forensics Jakarta professionals can easily be found online. All you need to do is brief research on the web and you can easily find the best experts near your place.

RP-DS, once a forensics Singapore firm, has now gained popularity all across Southeast Asia in the field of e-discovery .
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Last Updated : Sep 28, 2014

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