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Different Flight Simulator Controllers are Now Available Online

Posted Mar 26, 2014 by sarahcoolen
The flight simulator has gone through several developments and upgrades in the past few years.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 26, 2014 -- The flight simulator has gone through several developments and upgrades in the past few years. With many people choosing to buy flight simulators online, the sale of the simulators has gone up substantially.
While not many years ago, most people handled flight simulators with the help of keyboard and mouse. Joysticks then were considered a luxury with flight simulators. The recent years have seen companies release a host of completely new features. This has been one of the direct consequences of the rise in popularity of the simulators.
The result is that these days, the simulator controls have gone through a sea of advancement. The cockpit simulators can recreate the exact feeling of sitting in the pilot seat and flying the plane. The cockpit simulators are available in different models based on the type of plane that one wishes to fly.
Coming back to the flight simulator controls, joysticks are the most commonly used controls. The features of the joysticks vary from model to model. While some of the basic joysticks have only a few controls, there are others that are really high-end and pack in a host of complicated features within the buttons. This is of course reflected in the price of the joysticks. In case the budget is a little on the lower side, there are many joysticks that can serve the purpose. The Logitech 3D Joystick is one that works considerably well with most simulators.
The device has about a dozen buttons that can be used to control any function in the software regulation. These buttons are sensitive to excessive pressure. For this a hat switch is incorporated in the joystick.
Another great option is to choose the flight sticks. These are joysticks that have been designed specifically for flying gaming control. Flying sticks are generally used by fighter pilots to navigate and fire missiles. The flying stick joysticks can be purchased for real cheap prices and have a lot of thrill to offer for gamers. The only consideration that has to be made while buying a flying stick is that the sticks which have enough buttons and can rest on the desk solidly are to be chosen.
The next in the range of flight simulator controls are flight yokes. These are also known as control columns. The flight stokes are to be held with both the hands. With the help of the flight yokes even the most complicated plane functions can be closely emulated. There are many planes that have flight stokes installed in the cockpits.
Another choice for controlling the simulators is the throttle controllers. These devices include a set of layers, which when customized aptly allow gamers to have control over a variety of parameters like the elevator trim, the mixture of fuel and of course the throttle. The gamer can gain analog control over the parameter values. The throttle controller can also make the plane stay in a stationary position after it is moved there by the user.
The rudder pedals are also extensively being used to control the flight movements. These controls are far easier to use and can also be used by people who do not have any prior experience. The controls are quite similar to the toe controls in the car. People who buy flight simulators online, use these pedals in most of the cases.
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