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Destiny of World of Warcraft Game Time Tokens: Go Down or Up

Posted Apr 11, 2015 by fifapal
Destiny of World of Warcraft Game Time Tokens: Go Down or Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 11, 2015 -- Blizzard has introduced a new item, WoW Token, to World of Warcraft already with the starting price of 30000 wow gold cheap. But after one day the WOW token’s value dropped down 24.6%. Meanwhile, Blizzard announced that the purchase limit on AH wow tokens will be raised in future. Are wow tokens going down?

WoW Tokens plummets nearly 25% after only one day

World of Warcraft tokens allows players to exchange cheap wow gold paypal to game time. You can purchase a token from wow in-game shop with $20 real money, and place it in WOW’s Auction House to make 30,000 cheap wow gold for sale. At the beginning, Blizzard set the in-game price at 30,000 gold and claimed that the price would change based on the market.

After one day, the WOW Token is marked 22,631 gold in the Auction House, down 24.6 percent. Obviously many people rush to buy wow tokens with cash and then sell them for fast wow gold so that supply is overtaking demand. Actually, it is relatively economic to buy wow gold with paypal fast from a reliable online site, like Safewow, more than to spend $20 cash to exchange a token for around 22,000 gold.

What’s worse, if the market hovers around there or goes down, high-quality players are likely to give up $15 a month subscription completely and spend some gold on WOW Tokens, which should not what Blizzard want.

Purchase limit of WOW Tokens will rise officially

The official has announced that the purchase limit on AH WoW Tokens will be raised significantly within a 30-day period, but that shop sale remain at 10 every 30 days. It seems that players will be able to buy only 10 a month to sell, but can purchase more that from the AH sellers. Obviously, Blizzard intends to enlarge the demand for WoW Tokens. With the expansion of demand, world of warcraft tokens are likely to have a stable price in AH, rather than dropping down. If you want to make profits from this upcoming update, you need buy wow gold cheap safe from Safewow to purchase WoW Tokens before the launch of that decision, and then wait for the rise of the price.

Currently, too many people rush to place tokens in AH to make wow gold, and the tokens’ value is dropping down. The upcoming change on WOW Token purchase limit may make things better. But it is not necessary for players to make wow gold only in this way. In fact, there are many other ways; for example, you can come to the safest place to buy wow gold, like Safewow, which always offer huge coupon codes, even free wow gold to all players. Good luck for you in wow!
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