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Description of new grad RN jobs

Posted Nov 19, 2014 by tedmark
Registered nurses are professionals who take care of patients in medical facilities or at patients’ homes. Nurses who practice new grad RN jobs are under the supervision

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 19, 2014 -- Nurses are very important in the medical world, both to the medical staff of a clinic, hospital or other health care facility, and to patients. Their main responsibility is to take care of patients, observe their condition, record symptoms, and provide them with medications, as instructed by a doctor.

New grad RN jobs are practiced by people who are under the command of a physician. Although they are at the beginning of their career, they, too, can have other professionals under their command, and these are nurses who practice LVN jobs. Licensed vocational nurses are responsible with providing patients with basic care.

In hospitals or clinics where there is a continuous flow of patients, nurses have to assess patients’ condition and schedule them to enter a doctor's office depending on the seriousness of their health problem. To assess the overall condition of a patient, nurses use their experience, as well as some specific tools like a thermometer or blood pressure meter.

After a patient is examined, other nurses have the responsibility of providing the patient with the medications recommended by the doctor. At the same time, they explain patients how to take pills when they get home, because most doctors, especially those working at the ER, do not have the time to explain patients when to take medications and how.

In general, the immediate treatment recommended by doctors involves the administration of a medication through an injection or by swallowing a pill. Counseling or other types of therapies can also be provided by a nurse after a doctor gives a certain diagnose to a patient. Constant monitoring of the patient's condition is also mandatory.

If a patient needs to be hospitalized, nurses practicing new grad RN jobs could be required to bathe or shave a patient, help him eat or go to the toilet. These services can be provided not only in the hospital, but also at the patient's house. In this second case, a specific equipment would have to be installed in the patient's home for proper monitoring.

If the patient presents a serious health problem and one registered nurse is not enough to take care of the patient, she may ask for the help of some other nurses practicing LVN jobs. These are licensed vocational nurses who are usually under the command of a registered nurse and who provide patients with basic care.

All nurses taking care of a patient must communicate together very well, especially when they finish their shift and other nurse replaces them. They also need to tell everything to their supervisor, which is a physician responsible for the health of a patient. Even if they write down notes on how the patient’s health has improved or worsened, nurses still need to communicate this verbally with their colleagues and supervisors.

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