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Crossdressing Story with Mumbai Escorts female Model

Posted Feb 18, 2015 by gprincess945
I was startled when you rushed in my clinic. First thing I did was to call Nimi and tell her about it. I had to stop you, in any possible way. The girls were coming to join immediately.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 18, 2015 -- I was startled when you rushed in my clinic. First thing I did was to call Nimi and tell her about it. I had to stop you, in any possible way. The girls were coming to join immediately. They were on the way home. I use chloroform at times when there are some painful processes to be carried out, plus at times use drugs to cause local numbness. So, the moment you rushed in to refresh yourself, I prepared the injection and chloroform, and injected in the neck from behind"
"Sandra.....I....I trusted you so much, yet ...." I sobbed. " They gave you my money ...didnt they?" Now there was no point in holding myself back. I knew what my future was. Infact there was no future ahead. " You got the ad because you are a lovely looking woman Ashwini. Who gave you the looks? who created Ashwini? it was ME.......ME and only ME. I deserve every penny that you earn. Not only of this ad, but any other that you do further. " Nimisha virtually charged at me with anger, index finger pointed at me, eyes raging. Sandra eased her a bit by pressing her hand on Nimisha's shoulder. " If you want her to 'earn' I can arrange for that. I know the dark side of the high profile society dear. She would bring lot of money, and I know many guys and even ladies who can derive pleasures out of her. " I shivered at what Sandra meant. " Yes, in her present physical status as well, she is an asset. There always are some rich men, who are fed up with 'routine' pleasures, she would bring a novelty. They would sure be in for a surprise, when they see what she has in store for them..." Sandra smiled wickedly. Avani and Nimisha nodded, their faces also painted with the same level of diabolic emotions.
"We had to arrange for a Taxi at Sandra's, bring you at home here. We told Maaji that you fainted on the road nearby, and luckily we were on the way home, spotted the crowd around, found it was you. We took you to the Hospital, where you were treated a bit and sent home. Needing total bed rest" Avani completed the last chapter of my escape effort.
In the mean time, Nimisha drew out a paper from the cupboard and flashed it across my face. "This is your status Ashwini....for the outside world." I was very tense while I read the contents. It was a photocopy of a message sent by Government of a East African country.
' With deep regret the Government wishes to inform you, that Mr. Ashwin **** who was working on the Government project is reported missing, possibly captured by the rebel groups. The Government authorities are trying their best to know the present status . Your embassy is informed. Till further development , he is officially identified as a 'Missing Foreign National'

" You are missing Ashwin.....and are you not? Avani has already told the 'shocking' news to your parents and told them that she would follow up the matter in Bombay. And you can tear off this copy, if you are angry baby....cauz we have got the original prepared and kept safe. So you can officially say goodbye to your former life"
I was wiped out. My existence was eliminated. I was left blank and emotionless. No one spoke for a minute in between.
" So, what punishment do we give you Ashwini? for attempting an escape, for creating problems in Avani's life. You know that if you were to flunk, she would be driven out . You are the bet , which allows her to stay here. " Nimisha was passing statements like one does in the court of law. That I committed an offense which is liable to be penalized under so and so clause of the penal code.
If Avani and me could pull up the heist together, we could have escaped, but she was glued to Nimisha like a sucker fish. And I had tried to instigate her, yet it didnt work out.
"Dont you worry about the punishment dear. There would be 2 options. Options A and B. Or.......should we choose something like heads and tails? " Sandra asked. It was very painful to hear Sandra comment in such a way. If only I was to run to the station that day, my life would have been different. I remained quiet. There was no point in arguing or asking any favors, because I knew none would be given.
" goes the options.....stay as it is.......harnessed, plugged in the butt, gag in the mouth, blindfolded every night. The pills would continue to give you the glamorous shape and you would do the advertisements. The voice is being toned slowly as well. And people already know that you cant speak otherwise.
You will be flogged on routine basis. I have some novel items imported , which shall add spice to your, Night Life here...." All of them giggled.
"And as a punishment, we will send you as an escort to those elite from the society, who love some 'variety'. There are late night parties, where people enjoy quality services. Thats how you would earn your money in day, by means of advertisementss, but offcourse those would be far and few , and you would earn many times more than that in the nights. And mind you, ample care is taken to ensure that the escorts do not escape. And with you , we would be doubly careful " Nimisha said.
I nodded in negation. I couldn't believe what was offered to me. Was this an option, this was very degrading. I could not accept such thing under any circumstances.
Seeing me nod in negation, Nimisha smiled. " In that case, here is the second option."
-- EOF ---
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