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Counter Vaccine Storage and Pharmacy Medical Refrigerator

Posted May 3, 2014 by tomjones
Under counter vaccine storage and pharmacy refrigerator is meant to serve multiple applications within the pharmacy, medical and clinical sectors.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 3, 2014 -- Under counter vaccine storage and pharmacy refrigerator is meant to serve multiple applications within the pharmacy, medical and clinical sectors. This medical refrigerator has been built with limited surface area but is equipped to provide more rigorous temperature control through its construction and features and hence the name under-counter. These appliances are recommended to pharmacies to keep medications under cooler direct temperature effect, especially when a customer is waiting to take his pick. They are of two types namely the built-in under counter refrigerator or freezer and the free standing version and both have been designed to suit specific medical purposes.

‘Built-in’ under counter refrigerators and freezers are specifically delineated to be ensconced in areas which typically have very little clearance around the medical refrigerator unit for ventilation, for example between cabinets or under the counters. Build-in units draw the cooler direct effect temperature in the forefront of the unit under the door. An air conditioner fan is used to draw cool room air into the machine subdivisions to ensure that the compressor does not exceed a certain temperature limit. This action helps obviate the perils from overheating which can pilot to premature compressor failure. The air conditioner administering the flow of cool room air into the unit’s compartments will add a lower level of stridency to the room.

Likewise, the free-standing version of under counter medical refrigerator and freezer is conceptualized to be placed in an area that receives sufficient air circulation or preferably in an open air. An outward air conditioner fan which is used to aid in the cooler direct effect temperatures on the unit’s compartments is not applicable on this machine. Therefore proper space clearance must be sustained on all sides of the unit. These units are not meant to be used in enclosed areas like between cabinets or under a counter and are bound to be a little quieter than their built-in counterparts because the external air conditioner is not applicable for use.

Under counter medical refrigerator is available in 1 to 5 cubic foot sizes. These appliances have been constructed for preserving as safely as possible patients’ medications, different specimens, clinical testing and sample storage of vaccines at an average cooler direct temperature of +4°C. These medical refrigerators have an intact solid door and a thick insulation to assist in maintaining a balanced dense temperature range. They are excellent for modest satellite pharmacies, clinical laboratories, patient and nursing stations, all with scanty space or puny sample volumes.

Ample knowledge is required on how to use these units optimally so that their consumption of time, energy and other resources is minimal and chances of unit failure are also minimized. Both of these units have similar looks and function and are similar in many ways like cooler direct temperature technology their area of placement needs to be correctly evaluated. The glass door under counter vaccine storage and pharmacy medical refrigerator features an audible and visual alarm for vaccine security, a microprocessor control with digital display and an ample hefty glass door which is under key and lock to keep the temperature intact inside the unit.

A medical refrigerator is of two types and choice between the two depends on the personal requirement of the user. There are some ways in which these two versions are similar, one being cooler direct temperature but there are significant differences too.
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Last Updated : May 3, 2014

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