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Continuous ink supply system advantages

Posted Jul 24, 2014 by tedmark
Printing solutions have evolved greatly nowadays and businesses and individuals have a lot of possibilities to choose from.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 24, 2014 -- Printing solutions have evolved greatly nowadays and businesses and individuals have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Thanks to continuous ink supply system, printing becomes more affordable, efficient and productive. It is a very attractive solution, designed especially for those who are tired of spending considerable amounts of money on conventional cartridges. The main difference is that the cartridges are not replaced or refilled anymore, instead, the continuous ink supply comes with tanks with various colors and when these get empty, it is the ink that needs to be bought. The system is being placed outside the printer and plastic tubes are used to connect the ink tanks to the actual printer. It might require some extra room, but the effort is worth it when you acknowledge the main features.
The advantages that come from using the continuous ink supply system are undeniable and the first one is related to price. Even those who refill cartridges have to consider buying new ones at one point, because they cannot be refilled over and over again. To add more, in case you don’t print documents for a specific period of time, the ink inside the cartridges dries out, making cartridges useless. With continuous ink supply it is not the case, because the tubes make the connection with the printer and the ink is always in them, having the printer prepared for the required printing process. Printing documents of any kind, either black or white or colored will not be a hassle anymore.
Businesses especially can take great advantage of the continuous ink supply system, since large volumes of documents can be printed and the cartridge will not run out very soon. This is because the tanks can be of various capacities, allowing businesses and individuals to calculate their needs and establish how much they would need for a specific period of time. Installing continuous ink supply is not something that you can’t manage, because the instructions are very clear and there are few products needed. To make things even easier, manufacturers, suppliers, providers and such allow choosing the printer manufacturer and model first and only afterwards the compatible products.
Refilling the ink in the continuous ink supply system is a breeze; because you simply have to purchase the ink color that has ran out and refill the containers. This means there will be less mess, since everyone knows that refilling cartridges is not such an easy task. Based on your needs and printer type, you can certainly find the right continuous ink supply products, especially since they are highly accessible and you can verify in advance hoe reliable they really are and also check the company that sells them. It is important to know that not all systems are the same and the results you might get can differ. All it takes is looking into the provider better, just to know for sure you are making the right choice.

Regardless of the continuous ink supply system you own, you can easily find the desired products right here. To make things better, you are able to see exactly what type of continuous ink supply is best for your needs.
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Last Updated : Jul 24, 2014

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