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Compact Refrigerator Frost-free Units

Posted Sep 26, 2014 by AldoMoore
A frost free compact refrigerator may cost you a bit. But, you would save huge in physical troubles and other inconveniences.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 26, 2014 -- A refrigeration unit is an integral part of a person’s life; it doesn’t matter if he/she lives alone or along with the family. In the past, frost created lots of trouble when storing food items. This gets formed when vapor happens to come into contact the cooling coils of the unit. This inconvenience has become a story of the past. Today, you can go for frost free cooling equipment and get rid of the trouble for good.
How do they work?
A frost free refrigerator would have three parts; a coil to heat the system, a timer and a device capable of regulating the temperature. At the interval of 5-6 hours, the timer turns on the heater. When all the frost is melted, the temperature sensor switches it off. Here too, the concept of energy-efficiency has come to help us. In the refrigeration systems labeled as energy-efficient, the device is designed in such a way that the heater is turned on only when required.
Frost-free compact refrigerator
If yours is a small family, you can go for frost-free compact units available to buy in the market. In the past, one has to manually defrost the compact cooling equipment. Today, if you are willing to spend a bit, you can have the ones equipped with automatic defrosting facility. But, you should understand that the cost would be double not only when purchasing, but also when operating.
If a budget-friendly unit is what you want, going for a manual defrost model is highly recommended. This would help you save huge both in shopping and in electricity bill. It may create a slight trouble; you need to manually defrost a compact unit more often than its larger variant.
Automatic vs. partial automatic frost free units
Refrigerators with partial automatic frosting feature are available for those who are willing to spend a bit. Here, the facility is limited to the freezing compartment of the equipment.
Freezerless mini refrigerators
If you don’t plan to keep ice in the fridge you have, you can go for its freezerless version. Know that your options would be limited in this aspect. Some of the renowned manufacturers do not offer freezerless models.
Advantages of frost free compact refrigerators
Going for a frost free mini fridge entitles you to the following benefits.
• Ease of maintenance: Maintaining a frost-free unit is quite easy. You don’t have to defrost the unit to ensure its smooth functioning. Cleaning the same is the matter of a few minutes; just wipe down the interior with a baking soda solution.
• Protection from freezer burns: If a refrigerator along with a freezer is what you want, going for a frost free unit is highly recommended. This safeguards the food from freezer burns. Burnt food tastes bad; it may even develop an unpleasant smell.
• Increased storage space: This is yet another benefit frost free units have in store for you. Ice would not consume space. But, you should understand that these types of equipment make use of a fan to maintain an even temperature. Over-filling would obstruct air circulation thereby leading to food getting spoiled fast.

A frost free compact refrigerator may cost you a bit. But, you would save huge in physical troubles and other inconveniences. For more about prices and available models visit Cooler Store

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