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CNC milling machine: Precision guaranteed

Posted Feb 27, 2015 by sarahcoolen
With discovery of oil in the North Sea, Aberdeen has gradually evolved as a prominent hub of the petroleum industry.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 27, 2015 -- With discovery of oil in the North Sea, Aberdeen has gradually evolved as a prominent hub of the petroleum industry. In fact, Aberdeen is known as the “Oil capital of Europe”. Oil extraction requires heavy machineries that are fully automated and work on high precision. However, with time the machines undergo wear and tear and a time comes when you need to replace the smaller but sensitive parts of these machines to ensure their smooth functioning. There are several ancillary firms in and around Aberdeen that are proficient in making those parts so that your operation continues uninterrupted. Using the latest equipments like CNC milling machines or CNC turning machines, they create machine parts that are of precise shape and size.

Such precision engineering parts have high use in software engineering, electronics as well as optical engineering. The engineering firms at Aberdeen are proficient in catering to the oil sector and promise to deliver machine parts that comply with automatic assembly, safety factor of the entire unit and ensure higher quality output through enhanced accuracy. These precise parts are made through CNC milling machines that can create specific shapes from a metal body (and host of other material including plastic) by removing the redundant parts with rotary cutters. Technological upgrade of the conventional milling machine has resulted in the development of computer numerical controlled or CNC machines. CNC turning is another form of cutting process which is a higher form of the lathe commonly used.

The rotary cutter in a CNC milling machines moves over the surface of the material in a linear fashion and shaves off small chips, called swarfs, to make the exact shape. The cutting action actually involves many small cuts as the cutter has small teeth that bite into the workpiece. Modern milling machines are an assemblage of milling, tool changers, carousels, CNC control, enclosures etc. and the entire machine system is classified as vertical machining centre and horizontal machining centre. CNC turning machines are uniquely designed where the cutter moves in a linear fashion and the workpiece rotates. It operates on multiple axes to produce specific depths or diameters. When in need of such smaller machine components contact the engineering firms that are proficient in carrying out sub-assembling of machine parts. Though located in Aberdeen they are competent to service on national level.

You can share your specifications with the firm and they will execute the orders that would comply with your particulars. The firms have invested in top quality CNC milling machines to produce high-class results. ISO accreditation is a proof of the quality they ensure in their operation. You can place a call and their expert engineers will pay a visit at your factory to know your requirement. Key advice and suggestions are forthcoming from them if need be. Apart from sophisticated CNC turning tools and other machineries in their assembling line, the firms have also invested in good quality workforce that is extremely knowledgeable and is efficient in carrying out their duties. A healthy and safe work environment brings out the best in each one of them. For all your engineering requirements, place a call to these firms and all your needs would be well taken care of.

Precision engineering firms produce machine parts that ensure precise and accurate result. CNC milling machines and CNC turning machines help in creating the exact specifics as per client requirement.
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Last Updated : Feb 27, 2015

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