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CNC machine repairs elekoserv

Posted Dec 21, 2013 by johnybfre
CNC machines are computer numerically controlled devices that present automated features and high-end components.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 21, 2013 -- CNC machines are devices controlled by computers. Operators program the computer to run in a certain way and instruct the machine to perform a specific operation, such as cutting or boring. When the device is turned on, its internal computer interprets the instructions written by the operator and acts accordingly.

An example of a CNC machine performing as instructed is a cutting device that cuts through a piece of metal at the exact angle and distance from the edge as programmed by the operator. But, in order for such machine to work correctly for a long period of time, it has to be maintained and even repaired, from time to time.

And these machine tool repairs or CNC machine repairs must be performed only by skilled specialists. A handyman that carries a power drill or wrench with him and that calls himself a pro is not enough to repair your machine tool. If you need professionalism, you have to address the right team of service engineers.

At first, the engineers will make sure the device is disconnected from any power source. Then, they will inspect the exterior of the machine to see if it needs a new power supply or perhaps some other electrical controls. This is the moment when the engineers could require to see the blueprint of the machine to make sure they would not confuse parts.

Some machine tool repairs or CNC machine repairs could end at this very stage. However, most repairs, not to mention maintenance services require the machine to be entirely disassembled and have many of its parts replaced. That is why, after checking the power supply and controls of the machines, the engineers proceed to removing the paneling of the machine.

The exterior can be easily removed by loosening some bolts with a power drill. The same visual inspection performed earlier is repeated when it comes to the interior of the machine. The problem is that now the engineers need to mark somehow the pieces they inspect to make sure they have verified them.

The situation becomes even more complicated when the engineers remove many of the parts inside the machine to identify a certain problem or simply to check the parts thoroughly. It is recommended to arrange the removed parts in a certain order on a table and to mark them as well, to make sure they will be assembled in their rightful position, at the end of the procedure.

Most machine tools are designed to cut, sand, bore or perform any other shape transformations to various materials, mostly metal. This is the reason why the engineers need to offer a lot of their attention to the cutting parts of the machine, since they are probably some of the most used components.

Do you have a machine tool or CNC machine that needs repair? We are proud to announce you that you have found the best solution in terms of machine tool repairs and CNC machine repairs . Our electronic and mechanical machine repair specialists and service engineers can provide you with anything from on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting, installation and commissioning of machines, motor repairs, to refurbishment of existing machines, barfeed installations and preventative maintenance services.
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Last Updated : Dec 21, 2013

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