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Choosing the Best Web Fonts: A Guidance Note for Website Designing Beginners

Posted Sep 12, 2014 by tomjones
Font is as important as a stunning design, clean navigation or over user-friendliness of a website.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 12, 2014 -- Font is as important as a stunning design, clean navigation or over user-friendliness of a website. Fonts complement the graphic elements and other important design and usability aspects of a website. Therefore, choosing the best web fonts remains a creative challenge that the designers and developers need to face. Keep in mind that aesthetically superior and minimalist typefaces can please your customers and the other way around. While there are zillions of fonts for the web are available and every single day, a number of fonts are designed, it is important for you to choose the right font to become successful in the cyberspace. How to choose webfonts for your website which is still underway? Here blow are some tips.

Choosing between Sans Serif and Serif
Serif and Sans Serif are two of the five basic fonts that are used in websites. This type of font is used in the main text content of a website. Therefore, choosing between these two basic fonts types is important. Serif fonts have smaller lines/strokes that are extended from the ends of the characters (alphabets/symbols). These fonts have long been in use in the printing industry. If you want to make your website warm, traditional, conservative in essence, you should choose the Serif fonts. On the other hand, Sans Serif fonts are way too simple and minimalist in essence. Sans translates into ‘without’ in the French language. The term denotes the minimalist character of these fonts. These fonts are used in technical documents, newspaper headlines and photo captions. If you wish to make your website cool or you want to explain technical things, you should consider using the Sans Serif font. After getting out of the Serif Vs Sans Serif dilemma, you should focus on choosing the bet typeface for your website.

Finding the most common fonts
Windows PCs and Macintosh computers support different types of fonts, among many other things. New fonts are developed every day and you should find a font designer online to find the latest and most unique fonts for your site. Besides traditional fonts such as Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman, many new web fonts are now being widely used. Keep in mind that choosing a good font will change the overall look and feel of your website, which is essential for capturing website visitor attention. You should also keep in mind that the font you choose should look good on computers running on different operating systems.

You need to choose a different font for the subheadings, banners and other areas of your website. Contrasting fonts can be great in captivating user attention. Check out a few appealing website designs before choosing a font for your website.

As a final point
Resizing and restyling the fonts can make your website stand apart the crowd. You should do a lot of experiment with font color, size and style before you upload texts on your website. Always maintain uniformity in the body text across all the pages of your website. Check out the latest webfonts by visiting a designer website before choosing a font.
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Last Updated : Sep 12, 2014

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