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Choosing Cemetery: Burial vs. Cremation

Posted Mar 19, 2015 by AldoMoore
The final journey of your loved one will stay within your budget if you choose Oceanside Mission cemetery To explore cemetery location follow this link

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 19, 2015 -- Cremation is a process where the dead body is cremated in a crematorium. A family contacts a funeral home or a cremation society to cremate its loved one. If it contacts a funeral home, the work is entrusted to a third-party; funeral homes don’t own cremation facilities. Certain States in the US may require you to wait for up to 48 hours before beginning the process. When this time period is over, the body is taken away and placed in a coffin in a crematorium. There, it gets subjected to intense heat; up to 1500º. The body turns into ashes; the remaining bones are crushed into small particles. These are then cooled and handed over to the relatives. All cemetery question answered at this link
Benefits of cremation
Cremation has outpaced traditional burial in many States in the US. The reasons are numerous. From personal preferences to cost-effectiveness, it can be anything. Whatever is the scenario, researchers claim that cremation is far better than a traditional burial for the following reasons.
1. Cost effectiveness
This is the most obvious advantage cremation has over traditional burial. Here, you are not required either to embalm or wrap it in cosmetics. You don’t even have to buy a casket for the purpose. You can get an excellent-quality urn at half the price of its traditional variant. In the countries like Canada, you can get this service done at an affordable rate of $700. You can also go for the most expensive options available. Still, you will save thousands of dollars if you decide to skip a traditional burial.
2. Does not consume land
As you know, land is becoming a priceless commodity in the US. Quite naturally, you would not want your loved one to stay in a casket to fill up a cemetery. Cremation helps you save space. You may establish a monument to keep the ashes for years to come. Even then, the space used will not come up to half of the same when burying the dead.
3. Clean and simple
If the departed soul was a person who led a simple life, he/she will never appreciate an elaborate burial. In such an instance, cremation is the best service you can give your loved one. Besides, the prospect of a body getting decomposed on earth may appear frightening to some. A clean disposition is truly comforting. And, you also contribute towards protecting the environment.
Even though environment-friendly, cremation also poses some risks. Funeral homes may pressurize you to get the services you may not actually want. This will add up to the cost. Direct cremation is the only way to get rid of this pressure. Do the following to minimize cremation expenses.
• Be careful when choosing cemetery: If you are someone with a tight budget, don’t go for expensive plots. A basic location with minimum facilities will help you enjoy the savings you get from your decision to choose cremation.
• Minimize the services: Don’t yield to pressure from your choice funeral home. Just go for the services you want most. Follow these guidelines and be prudent when choosing cemetery.
The final journey of your loved one will stay within your budget if you choose Oceanside Mission cemetery To explore cemetery location follow this link
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