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Choose the most efficient dog training device

Posted Sep 11, 2014 by jackflower
Dogs are great pets and, depending on their race, can usually be quite easily trained, especially if you take them to a professional trainer when they are puppies.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 11, 2014 -- Dogs are great pets and, depending on their race, can usually be quite easily trained, especially if you take them to a professional trainer when they are puppies. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that are not as manageable as others. It might sit, walk and roll over whenever you ask it, but it is not that easy to make a dog shut up when you want. That is why a dog silencer can be extremely useful.
The most common situations in which a dog doesn’t stop barking and you wish it were are when it is excited: a pet is incredibly happy each time you get home, even if you have only been outside to take out the trash. And there are two main ways in which a dog expresses its happiness and excitement: wagging its tail and barking. Barking a lot! That can be truly frustrating and annoying, especially when you have just arrived home from work, tired and with a wonderful head ache. That is exactly when you wish you had a dog training device that would maku you four-legged fried be quietly happy. Because while some dogs might be easier to calm down and control, others – such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors or Border Collies – simply have too much energy and are too cheerful to stop when you tell them. Happily, you can use a dog silencer in such situation.
What sort of dog training device could make a dog stop barking? You might imagine some horrid collar with thorns which hurt the poor animal when you press the button or an inhumane electric shock taser. Well, you don’t have to worry because it is nothing like that. A dog silencer works much more efficiently and doesn’t harm the pet: it identifies the barking and issues a high-pitched sound, which cannot even be heard by the humane ear, but which is sensed by the animal, who is irritated by it. Thus, through association, the dog practically becomes irritated by its own barking. Normally, this shouldn’t even affect its instinct to bark when endangered, but only discourage it to become annoying because it is bored or because it wants to get your attention. The pet will bark as much as it wants when you take it on long walks in the park or in the woods, but it will give up barking in the house for no serious reason.
Probably one of the best advantages of this dog training device is that the sound it issues will be heard by dogs that are up to 90 meters away. So, if you place such a device in your home or in your yard, you will not only repel the loud sounds your own dog makes, but also the barking that comes from your neighbours. The dog silencer is fairly small and can work only on batteries, so it is portable. Practically, you can place it wherever you want or wherever it is more convenient – closer to the front door, where your pet greats you when you arrive home, or closer to the neighbour’s back yard, where their pet keeps yapping every night. It works perfectly fine anywhere. Order it and see for yourself.
Do you wish there was dog training device that would make your dog stop barking? Well, there is one, humane and very efficient: try the best dog silencer and take better care of your dog by being more relaxed yourself around it.
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Last Updated : Sep 11, 2014

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