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Characteristics of outdoor saunas

Posted Nov 9, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Outdoor saunas are small structures used by people to burn fat, increase metabolic rate and improve blood circulation, just with the use of hot air or steam.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 9, 2014 -- Saunas have many therapeutic benefits on people; they improve blood circulation, provide temporary relief for those who suffer from physical pain, relieve tension and eliminate mental fatigue. Whether they are outdoor saunas or indoor saunas, they feature basically the same elements, and these are: a sitting area for people to enjoy sauna benefits, temperature and humidity sensors, and a heater.

This sitting area is represented by some benches. These can be positioned at various heights, giving people the possibility to try different air temperatures. It is known that the heat rises, so lying down on a bench found at an upper level is recommended only after you try the lower benches. Benches are usually made from wood and can become hot, too, that is why, users need to enter a sauna not completely naked, but wrapped up in a towel.

Temperature and humidity sensors are also found in outdoor saunas and indoor saunas, as they give users an idea on how hot it actually is inside the sauna. After using the sauna a few times, and becoming accustomed to a certain temperature and humidity, users can adjust them to some particular values, considered safe. A sauna can provide hot air for 5 minutes, and cooler air for another 5 minutes. It is important to adjust this cycle prior to entering the sauna.

The heater is another highly important element found in saunas and also provided in sauna kits, in case people want to assemble their sauna themselves. This heater is the very heart of the sauna, providing hot air or steam. It can be powered by electricity and hot water, charcoal, gas, and even by burning wood. The heater is found inside the sauna; to avoid injuries, people need to stay somewhere aside from it.

Besides these elements, sauna kits may also contain element aluminum foil vapor barriers for walls and ceiling, a thermometer, thermostat and controller, door stop, and all the necessary parts needed to assemble a sauna at your home. Remember that you need some carpentry knowledge to transform a cedar door, walls, floor, and some benches into a functional sauna.

Thankfully, the assembly can easily take place, because such kits also contain a list of installation instructions. This procedure can be compared to the one of assembling a tent on a trip. Once you get it right, you can enjoy endless benefits. And if you simply do not manage to assemble all the parts provided in the do-it-yourself sauna kit, just contact a professional.
Looking for a way to eliminate all the stress that you have accumulated over the past few weeks? Enjoy a heat session inside a sauna and have your body and mind revived. For indoor and outdoor saunas , sauna kits , heaters, thermometers, thermostats, and controllers, contact us today. We can provide you with anything you want in terms of cedar saunas. Just write us a message or give us a call to order your sauna today. And if you want to learn more about us, please visit our website.
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