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California Missions Their Authenticity

Posted Oct 15, 2014 by AldoMoore
You can go for a guided or explore the area on your own. The California Mission museum, the cemetery, the retreat center and the churches are sure to make you experience a sense of royalty.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 15, 2014 -- History is something which fascinates everyone who loves a country. If you are a resident of California, you would not have any doubt about the authenticity of the twenty-one California Missions . They are there for quite a long time, telling the stories of the past. They talk of the first European interaction with the region.

The uniqueness

Even though restructured, most of the twenty-one California Missions has its own story to say. While some love the imposing structures, others love the atmosphere. Still others prefer the originality, the bell towers and other works of the architecture of 1700’s. It is true that you can see only the replica of the original structures. They were built using the materials locally available at that time. For this reason, most of the buildings were destroyed by earthquake and other natural calamities. Those who rebuilt the Missions were keen to restore the original structure. Still, they allow children and adults alike to have a glimpse of the history of the region of the time. When exploring the areas, you may also come across museums displaying artefacts and equipment of the 1700’s. This, along with the pictures archaeologists managed to preserve attest to the authenticity of the 21 Missions stretching from Baja California to Sonoma County. Here is an overview of some of the Missions in the region.

1. Mission San Diego

This is the first among the twenty-one chain of Missions established in Alta California; the area was known by this name at that time. It was founded in the year 1769. It is the first church in the region. However, the Mission was here just for five years. Father Serra, the founder of the site relocated it to six miles away; close to the river San Diego. In the year 1775, some 800 Indians raided the mission, completely destroying it. However, it was re-established it after some time. At present, the site is a historical landmark.

2. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

The eighteenth in the chain of California Missions, this is also known as Mission San Luis Rey. Being the largest among the chain, this is called the “King of Missions.” It was established in 1798. Even though the Spaniards intended the Missions to be self-sustaining, they miserably failed in their attempts. They did have an influence on the life of the Natives though. It was the Missionaries who introduced agriculture; they brought many crops and fruits to the land. Even though water was abundant here, the Missionaries had a tough time locating materials to construct settlements. For this reason, they had to make use of the things available here; adobe bricks. The land for the site was so large that the Indians were able to serve their employers staying in their own villages. It too got secularized like all the others of the kind by the end of 1800’s. But, this Mission still stands here as a reminder of the influence Spaniards had on the Native Indians.

You can go for a guided or explore the area on your own. The California Mission museum, the cemetery, the retreat center and the churches are sure to make you experience a sense of royalty. See hours of operation and fees at this webpage

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