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California Missions Rules and Regulations

Posted Oct 15, 2014 by AldoMoore
If you intend to explore deeper California culture and heritage visit Old Mission Museum at Oceanside, California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 15, 2014 -- California Missions Rules and Regulations
Catholicism in seventeenth and eighteenth century was governed by strict rules and regulations. Quite naturally, the Spaniards who came to California at that time brought with them these strict religious guidelines.
The Spanish King wanted to expand His dominion in reply to the Russian attempts in the same direction. The Spain had its outposts in Mexico. For this reason, they thought it would be easier to go further, convert the natives and expand the country’s influence. With this in mind, they established twenty-one Missions in the region. All of them were connected. The Indians living them provided the cheap labor they wanted to construct buildings and settle down in the area.
Rules and regulations
As mentioned above, California Missions were run by the Franciscan priests. Quite naturally, Catholic religious instructions prevailed there. Before the Spaniards came in the region, the Indians led an almost free life. In the Mission, they were required to do everything as per a fixed timetable. They had to work regularly; even their free time got regulated. Even the Missionaries and their soldiers were guided by stringent guidelines. It is reported that they had a manual to control every aspect in the running of the Missions.
The present-day Government rules and regulations
By the end of the 1800’s, the Missions were secularized and the Indians were offered two options. They could either stay in the Missions or go back to their own villages. This does not mean to say that the Nation abandoned Christianity altogether.
The Federal Congress saw religion as a great regulator. It maintained that religious teachings should be there in the Military to ensure morality therein. It passed numerous rules and regulations in this respect.
The two clauses
At present, two clauses regulate the Government and the religious institutions in the country; the Establishment clause and its free exercise variant. The former forbids the Federal or State Government from utilizing public funds to support any religious group. And, the latter maintains that everyone has the right to believe in the religion of his/her choice. There may be conflicts. However, the constitution forbids the Government from showing favouritism of any kind. If you are someone planning to start a Christian Mission here, the most reliable source of information is your State website.
If the California Missions appear intriguing and you are keen to learn the history, welcome to California Mission Museum Located in an area where nature is seen at its best, the Mission stands as an enduring symbol of the church at the time. Today, it is a retreat center. Explore the Mission website, your options there are sure to be a pleasant surprise. One among the oldest in California Missions, this allows you to enjoy the kind of facilities you prefer in a retreat institution.
The serenity retreats, bible studies, the quiet Mondays, cooking classes and the behind-the-scene tours are just a few of the offers therein. Why waste time looking for opportunities? Come to the best known of the California Missions; be spiritually rich and experience the excitement of being religious!
If you intend to explore deeper California culture and heritage visit Old Mission Museum at Oceanside, California or visit this link to book yourself or your family Museum tour.
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