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California Missions History An Introduction

Posted Sep 11, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 11, 2014 -- The twenty-one missions in California, as you know are spread in the region from San Diego to Sonoma. They still stand there as reminders of the past of the nation. Visiting them would bring to minds the period of colonization and its effect on the Native Americans. The following is an overview of the history of the missions as a whole.
California Missions History
If you are someone who loves history, you are sure to have noticed one thing; sixteenth century is known as a time of exploration. The excitement of renaissance had filled Europe. The people there wanted to explore and know what was there beyond the sea. They had trade relationships with Asia. But, the route to the continent was filled with dangers. They wanted a safer and easier sea route to Asia.
The Spaniards
Spaniards were the renowned explorers of the time. They had already found out America. The King of Spain wanted to explore westward and see if there is room for expansion of his influence. He also had to find a safer route to the countries in Asia.
California Missions
Hernan Cortez, one of the King’s men had travelled as far as Mexico and had conquered a large civilization. The Spaniards had named it as “New Spain.” Others also followed him. But, they failed to find the prosperity like that of Mexico or the New Spain. They later decided to focus on increasing the number of colonizing and making the conquered Spanish citizens.
At this time, the Spanish King came to know that Russians also wanted to explore the area to have a share of the prosperity of the region. This frightened the King. In the year 1769, the first extensive expedition by land and sea set out to California as per his instructions. They met in San Diego and established the first fort and mission in California This served as the military base for Spain here.
In the time period of fifty-four years, twenty-one missions and four forts were established. Gradually, some of these outposts developed into great cities. San Francisco, San Diego are two among them.
The objectives of the missionaries
The missionaries; the Spaniards who founded these establishments were Catholics. Their mission was to convert the Native Indians to Christianity. In fact, they were the first among the Europeans who came to the area with a view to colonize the people who lived in the region. They brought their culture, religious practices and agriculture along with them. According to the missionaries, they were trying to educate and civilize a people they called barbaric. However, the ensuing conflicts and the accusations followed created a situation where their motives began to be questioned.
The Indians lived in small huts. Girls were asked to stay in apartments which promised security. This became a well-established system. The missionaries wanted to make sure that the Indians are not allowed to come together so as to avoid rebellion. Still, history records of violent outbreaks and epidemics. The records are mostly written from the missionaries’ perspective. The Indians at that time were generally illiterate.
In the year 1823, the expansion of these Missions came to an end. Today, just the reminders are allowed to stay. This is done with a view to let the California Missions history live long.
Learn more about California Missions by visiting Old Mission Museum in Oceanside, CA. get all info on collection, tours and prices on this link .
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