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Buying begonia bulbs

Posted Nov 2, 2014 by tomjones
Begonia is a genus of flowering plants that are native to humid areas. These plants are popular both as garden plants and potted plants, are easy to grow, and their flowers come in a large variety of colours.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 2, 2014 -- Do you want to enhance the atmosphere in your garden or house? Consider planting some begonias that can brighten up any garden corner or house room. Begonias do not have strict growing requirements, yet they love a sunny environment and do not like winters.

To enjoy the beauty of these plants, you need to purchase begonia bulbs from a reliable source and plant them according to the instructions provided by their seller. Rules of planting begonias can also be found on the Web.

In general, begonias that are purchased to be planted in a garden are best planted after a heavy rain, when the soil is moist. Begonia bulbs need to be inserted in the soil at about 10 inches distance from one another, to allow the future plants to develop properly.

Begonias that are planted in a pot require the same planting conditions, which means the soil has to be moist and the bulbs planted at a distance that would allow the future plants to develop the right way. While planting begonias in a garden should take place in the spring, planting such plants indoor can take place at any time, no matter the season.

After planting the bulbs, the soil does not need extra water, because it has been watered prior to inserting the bulbs in the soil. In several weeks, bulbs germinate and, soon, they will transform into the beautiful plant that you know.

To care for a begonia plant, you do not need too much knowledge. However, it does not hurt to know that begonias love direct sunlight, need to be fertilised at least once a month, and dead leaves need to be removed from the plant regularly, to allow the energy of the plant to focus on creating new leaves, not on maintaining the dying ones.

Garden begonias can reach impressive heights, while potted begonias are usually small specimens, growing 10 inches tall at the maximum. Both types of begonias can be affected by spider mites, bugs or other insects. To keep diseases at a distance, provide the plant with enough humidity and sunlight, and make sure to use an insecticide, once you discover a problem.

Begonias love warm environments and do not like winters. That is why, it is recommended to move your garden begonias to a greenhouse for the wintertime, and replant them in the garden when the spring comes. Also, make sure to keep your potted begonias in your house at warm temperatures, not at the entrance to your house.

Begonia plants can be used as ornamental plants in floral arrangements, can decorate tables and can also be used as office plants. They are very affordable, easy to grow, have a long lifetime and can improve the atmosphere in any space where they could be placed.

Do you wish to enjoy shades of red, orange, yellow, or pink featured by the lush flowers of the begonia plant? Consider purchasing some begonia bulbs and planting them in your garden or pots. And if you need cut flowers for your wedding, graduation party, or just to enhance the atmosphere in your home or office, choose the mini calla lilies , roses, anemones and tropical flowers then we offer.
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Last Updated : Nov 2, 2014

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