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Buy swtor credits cheap and SWTOR 12x XP For Class Quests Returns May 4

Posted Apr 20, 2015 by fifapal
Buy swtor credits cheap and SWTOR 12x XP For Class Quests Returns May 4

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 20, 2015 -- Star Wars Anaheim Celebration started on April 19 already, and Bioware has announced at the celebration that 12x XP for Class quests returns soon. It seems millions of players are itching for the super fast leveling in swtor. Will it be enough to get you playing, or even paying? Are you experienced to handle gearing up for content as you level?

The return of 12x XP for Class quests in swtor

Bioware announced that since May 4, 2015, swtor subscribers will be able to enjoy 12x XP in game, which enables them to quickly level up alts or convince friends/new subscribers to join and catch up to them quickly.

Many people think that it is just a lead to spike subscription numbers and prepare for the launch of 3.2. Whether it is a lead to spike, or a repayment for swtor fans, 12x XP will come back soon and give all subscribers a chance to level up quickly. Take cheap swtor credits eu to join now!

How to gear up for content as leveling

Since the return of 12x XP is confirmed, many people intend to partake. But have you figured out how to gear up for content as you level, with no getting all the gear from the various other quests? If you haven’t, you can follow these tips:

1. In 3.2, you will get more Basic commendations from story missions. If you do 2-3 side missions per planet, you should be able to gear yourself up.

2. Alts would craft blue armor, mods and enhancements every 5-10 levels.

3. Use commendations from quests to get orange gear and/or upgrades to orange gear. You can try to hop into a flashpoint or do the occasional quest chain to get just a bit more commendations.

It is cool to bring 12x XP back for subscribers, and more people will opt in to level up alt characters or finish leveling some older languishing ones. You can also join in it with cheapest us swtor credits.
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